Amazon technology

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I know the amaozn have anicent advance technology but one of wonder woman villian paula Von become an amazonn after she turn good. She was the chief sciencist . I mean to me that very interest she could have helped them at least modrenize. Magic and science. She could help them make electronic or new weapons but that already happen where the amazon had advance weapons. The amazon could have learn lot about technlogy.

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Despite their conservative society and preferred way of living, the Amazons are a technologically advanced people having created such items as the Purple Healing Ray and its opposite the Purple Death Ray and in some incarnations been responsible for creating the Invisible Plane Wonder Woman pilots. In the latest incarnation however the plane was originally an alien device given to Diana, since then replaced with a plane from Wayne Enterprise with the same abilities.

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Should the amazon be allow to be this advance? Then again were created to be very intelligible. I also think much technlogy maybe had crashed or drift on the island though out the years

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Here are some of the invention amazon have made Well seeing this it seem it depends on how a person writes it.

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