Amazon Armour

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Not a very long blog at the moment (I have an exam today and just taking a break before my last cramming session) but I thought I would use a blog as a collection of all the Amazon armours. 








There are probably quite a few I am missing, please upload any to the comments section if you can find any. 


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Was this one? 

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Is this a settle way of asking which Wonder Woman armor  to cosplay? If so I recommend the Kingdom Come. Guys love chicks with helmets. I'm sure you can pull it off.

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I like the first armour. Good luck on your exam. :D

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Suiting up before going into battle, lol. Gotta love it! Yes I know SC its like the picture you showed, but I just love that picture!
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I kinda like Cassie's armor. But they're all good, specially considering she tends to fight bad guys in her underwear....or at least she did.
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I think the Kingdom Come is the best, but they are all quite decent.

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@Gambler said:

I like Cassie's. Love the color scheme. 
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The Egeal armor is my favorite. Sure she can fly but I think it makes her look like a total warrior and I love that.

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Bana Mighdall Amazon's

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@Gambler: Benes makes the armour look pretty good in that cover, maybe because of the colour scheme...? The standalone image seems to have too much white.
Anyways, do action figures count?

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I like Donna's, it's like stars.

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@Gambler said:

Donna looks pretty awesome

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@Gambler said:

Look the amazons also have God Cloth.xD

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