10 Things I Wanna See in a Wonder Woman Movie

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Wonder Woman has had a successful TV show, one that got cancelled before the pilot, one that is in the works and various failed attempts at a movie. She deserves a successful film. Many different ideas have been thrown around now you're about to hear mine. These are 10 things i wanna see in WW movie.

1) The Female Hercules

You might not know what I mean by female Hercules. I want her to be one of those heroes from the old Greek myths. I want her to go on adventures and face multiple challenges on the way until she gets to the final battle. Wonder Woman IS a female Hercules. Another things I want to see is the involvement of a some of the characters from ancient Greek mythology. Like the new 52 run, What I they should be involved in the story. I also want to a strong willed character that can take care of herself. She shouldn't take crap from anyone and should always be ready for a fight. One thing I don't wanna see is a misandrist (hater of men) Wonder Woman. Same with the rest of the Amazons. They shouldn't hate them, but feel that they don't need them. WW should start off as a girl not ready for a fight, but trying to start one. When that fight does come along she does everything to eat her opponent(s), but doesn't pay attention to her surroundings. She would be a great fighter if there was no one or thing around her other than her opponent, but if she's in a crowded place she would endanger a lot of lives. That could be one reason why Hippolyta doesn't want her to leave Themyscira. Over the course of the movie she would grow into a better warrior. Lastly Wonder Woman should just be a fun character. She likes to have fun. Her idea of fun might be to beat someone to a pulp, but she still likes to have fun.

2) The Costume

This is something that comes up EVERY time a WW movie is discussed. Some people argue that her comic book outfit is to slutty, but when you add pants people say it doesn't look like classic Wonder Woman. What I like about this outfit is that it's armor like, it has a ancient Greco-roman look and feel to it. It's armor like, it's not too revealing, but still gives us something to look at and it just looks really cool. Only thing I would change is the straps. I really don't like those. Some people might say that the panties look could work. I agree it could work, but one thing that usually comes with the panties is the thing I hate the most about WW. The stars meant to be like the american flag. I have nothing wrong with a character representing America (the country I was born and raised in), but when you think about it why would WW rep the american flag stuff anyway. She's from Themyscira a island full of only women. A island full of people that feel that men are useless in everything other than reproduction. They feel that men aren't needed in life and that females are the dominant species. America being a country that has always and continues to lift men higher than women. Since this movie would showcase her first time going to america she wouldn't know of the flag anyway. This costume wouldn't be to her a costume. It would be Themyscira battle armor. If they don't go with this costume I would like to see the New 52 version. Pants or no pants I don't care. Maybe in a scene where she's just walking around in the city with Steve Trevor or something she could were something like this.

3) A Director Who Can Deliver

Themyscira needs to be visually stunning. It is also called paradise island so it needs to look like a paradise. This film needs a director that can give us that. This director also needs to know how to bring that same beauty to a modern american city. I have 2 directors in mind. Peter Jackson and David Yates. Peter Jackson for all of his movies that take place in middle earth and David Yates for the 5 Harry Potter films that he did. I chose Peter Jackson for his way of creating hole worlds. I want what he brought to middle earth brought to Themyscira, Olympus and even the Underworld. The one doubt I have is that I have yet to see him do a film that took place in modern day. That transition from ancient Greece to modern america is big and I don't want the quality of stunning visuals to fall once that transition happens. I also liked him for his ability to make a movie look bright, but have a tone that's dark. My other choice David Yates is because he has the ability to make the transfer between the modern world and a fantasy world. The problem I have with him is that I don't know if he could be as visually stunning as Peter Jackson, but I guess he would be enough for a WW film.

4) The Origin, My Take!

One thing also mentioned a lot when discussing the WW movie is whether or not to use the new 52 origin or the pre flashpoint origin. Most fans have said pre flashpoint. I like both origins, but I feel that The one pf (pre flashpoint) origin would not work on film. I love the new 52 version for making WW a demi-god which she should be. The new 52 one also made it easier to introduce more gods in the storyline since her father is the king of them all. But since fans love their classic origin I have come up with an origin that combines the 2. Here it goes:

Hippolyta the Queen of the Amazons always wanted a daughter, but she was unable to bare children. Her only hope was that a god could give her one. She then began an affair with Zeus. Yet, she still couldn’t even bare the child of a God. Zeus felt sympathy and answered her prayers. Zeus asked all of the gods to help bless a baby girl, for Hippolyta. Hippolyta was told to form the baby out of clay and then come back the next day. The gods who agreed each blessed her

Demeter: With Strength, Invulnerability/Durability,

Hermes: With Speed, Flight, Healing factor

Athena: Divine Wisdom

Aphrodite: Great Beauty

Artemis: Enhanced Senses

The next day Hippolyta came back to find a beautiful baby girl. She named her Diana…

5) An Over Arcing Plot


Wonder Woman 1 Plot: Steve Trevor is sent on a mission by the U.S government to find something strange in the ocean that has recently been found. Trevor goes and lands on the island of Themyscira. He is taken prisoner by the Amazons, a race of Woman who live their without men. He is taken in for questioning and he tells them all about his mission. The queen of the Amazons Hippolyta holds a contest to see who would take Trevor back to were he came from. Hippolyta forbids Diana from participating. Diana secretly enters the competition. She wins and convinces her mother to send her out into the world with Trevor. When she gets back to America and tells the government about Themyscira the U.S declares war on Themyscira. Diana feels that something is wrong and she tries to figure out what is happening. She concludes that Ares was behind the war. He wanted revenge on the Amazons for defeating him years before. Wonder Woman goes on a quest to find Ares and to stop him. Trevor tags along. She fights various monsters and people until she reaches and Ares and has a final battle. She defeats him and he goes back to Olympus. Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira which is now filled with U.S soldiers fighting the Amazons. Wonder Woman tries to break up the fight on both ends, but they don't stop. Wonder Woman angry eventually sides with the Amazons and leaves Trevor. She along with many other Amazons kill a lot of U.S soldiers. The U.S Soldiers retreat. The Amazons celebrate their victory until Hippolyta stops the celebration and makes her way to Diana. Hippolyta blames all of the war on her. She says that if she had not told the U.S about Themyscira then none of this would've happened. Hippolyta banishes Diana from Themyscira. Meanwhile in Olympus, Ares meets with Hera and she says that she is disappointed in Ares. It is revealed to the audience that she was behind everything. She wanted to kill Diana because she is made that she was only created because of the affair between Hippolyta and Hera's husband Zeus.

This plot opens up to many sequels were Hera is the villain unknown to everyone, except her and the people she sends to kill Diana. The second film I feel should follow the storyline of Brian Azzarello's run on WW in the new 52.

6) Wonder Woman...More Like Warrior Woman

"One badass thing about Wonder Woman is that she kills, that’s the thing that sets her apart from the rest of The League, except the fact she is a woman… Anyway, Wonder Woman is a killer she isn’t looking for truth and justice she is looking to clean the streets and the way she does it, is kill. Gods trained Wonder Woman; she has been trained as though every situation is war. She kills for the greater good. She doesn’t battle criminals to bring them to justice, she battles them and kills them, and she is a killing machine." What you just read was written buy a user on comicbookmovie.com named Khan. To read the rest of his article click here. He basically said what i feel.

7) Don't Pick Gina Carano!!!!!

Adrianne Palicki

Gina Carano is probably casted as WW more than anyone else on the internet. Yeah she's...cute kinda, yeah she can do MMA and yeah she's been in a movie, but that doesn't make her Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman needs to be played by someone who can play a strong female character. Carano I feel doesn't have enough acting experience and ability to take on the role of one of the most iconic comic book characters to ever be created. I think that Adrianne Palicki DESERVES to be WW. She's HOT AS HELL, she is a decent actor and still looks sexy while opening a can of whoop-@$$ on you. All I could think about during G. I Joe Retaliation was how much I wanted to see her as WW. If you watch the cancelled pilot for the WW show which is available for free online you'll see how she could play a strong character. The writing might be way off for the character as far as source material, but Palicki did amazing with what she was given.


If only one of these would make it in a WW film and I chose which one made it it would be this one. The invisible plane is pointless! Whoever created that should've just given her the power to fly. Even when artist gave her the power to fly she still used the invisible plane. If she could fly she would save so much time and energy. What even fuels that? How we she find it? With flying she just simply takes off. The invisible plane's only benefit would be for sneak attacks from the air, but WONDER WOMAN IS STILL SEEN WHY'LL IN THE SHIP WHICH MAKES NO SENSE!!!! I've never seen a valid argument on why she would need this when she could fly. One argument I've seen is What if she didn't want to fly alone? IF SHE WANTS TO FLY WITH SOMEONE THEN SHE COULD HOLD THEIR HAND LIKE SUPERMAN DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u

9) Weapons and Stuff

One thing I want to be shown in a WW film is that Wonder Woman is a warrior. She is a skilled hand to hand combatant, she is a skilled sword fighter, a skilled archer, a skilled lasso...person, a skilled javelin thrower, she's skilled at a lot of things. Wonder Woman is known for her unique objects. Her lasso of truth, her bracelets, her tiara. Here's what those things can do in this film.

Bracelets: The bracelets are made out of special material only found on Themyscira. They are bullet proof. These bracelets are also enchanted. With this enchantment a shield can magically form on the left bracelet and a sword can form out of the right one.

Tiara: The tiara is a simple Tiara. It is made out of the same material the bracelets are made out of though so if she hit you with it, it would hurt.

Lasso of Truth: The lasso of truth didn't really change. But it works on everyone not just men. It can extend to any length the user wants it to, as long as the user has the energy to do so.

I'd really just like WW to kick some but in this movie. Whether she's shooting arrows or deflecting them. All of these would be given to her along with her armor.

10) Don't Make Her Stupid! Just a Little Naive

The picture to the left is of a page in the first Story arc of the Justice League comic. Wonder Woman had just gotten outside of Themyscira and into the U.S. When I read this i stood in awe at how much I hated this page. It makes WW seem so Stupid. Yeah she might not know what Ice cream is, but this seen is pointless and stupid. I've seen a lot of interpretations of WW that make her seem like a stupid and clueless little girl that speaks old English. WW could be a little naive and curious since shes in a new world, but making her like how they did on this page to the left is something i don't want to see happen!

Thanks for reading! If you want to see me do these with any other heroes or even villains pm or tell me in the comments. Share with your 10 things that you wan to see in a WW movie. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know. DEUCES!

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Well thought out. I don't think i have ever seen a stupid Wonder Woman. I agree wholeheartedly about Gina Carano. The new 52 origin would be easier but i really don't want that to be in a WW movie.

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Both origins can be used. The Clay origin is the Myth the Zeus parentage is the reality. Wonder Womans discovery of the fact that Zeus is her father would make GREAT drama. It could be the central plot of Wonder Woman 2.... Wonder Woman 1 would be the origin

The invisible plane can easily be incorporated and I think it should be. However it’s not the method she relies on for travel. In the spec Wonder Woman script I wrote Steve trevor crash lands on the island in a top secret JET. It is repaired by Amazons with added functionality to enable Steve and Wonder Woman to leave the island undetected. The plane winds up in the hands of government officials…..It’s not Wonder Woman’s plane. and its not referred to as an invisible jet

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@wdw The Amazons wouldn't have the technology to prepare the jet. They live like the ancient Greeks.

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@redhood13: No they don't live like ancient greeks

#6 Posted by WDW (1514 posts) - - Show Bio

@blkson: I am pretty sure it will be worked in whether you like it or not. Sorry....

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@wdw said:

@blkson: I am pretty sure it will be worked in whether you like it or not. Sorry....

Why? It doesn't even make sense for her to have a plane that can turn invisible but not her along with it. She can fly, so there is not even a purpose for her to have such an item. Plus, in the new52 the jet doesn't even belong to her. It's been written out of her characters history. I'm sure the DC correspondent heading the film, if there was a film, would say no to the jet.

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@blkson: Like I said before in my description she does not own the Jet. It's not her Jet it's the US government top secret jet which crash landed on the island Hephestus or IO tweaked it to be stealth invisible so Diana can leave with steve trevor undetected

its a way to incorporate the JET and satisfy the people who are going to complain about it not being in the movie.

Honesty I dont care for the JET at all. and I would prefer its not in the movie but TRUST ME.... Warner Bros is going to put it in one way or the other. So might as well let it make a small cameo and then never be heard from again.

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@wdw: trust, not many are going to complain about the lack of the jet.

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Ive always wanted to see a Wonder Woman movie that was kinda like 300. I think you got a very good idea of what should be done.

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@blkson: Look at almost every animated version of Wonder Woman She had the Jet.

Look at the failed TV pilot. She had a Jet.

Look at the MAC makeup promotion they did a few years back she had the JET

The last time anyone saw a live action Wonder Woman in the 1970's she had a JET.

Now the recent DC animated short released just today they paid homage to the jet. by using a car (much worse)

Even in Justice League of America comic Steve Trevor uses the invisible JET

I am telling you its going to be in the live action movie if they make it. and if not main stream viewers who know the Lynda Carter Version of Wonder Woman which is by the way still the most popular today are going to grip.

Warner Bros is not going to omit the jet and I don't blame them it's part of her history like it or not.

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One thing I'd like to see from a Wonder Woman movie...an actual movie. Not just a hypothetical one.

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@blkson: Also if steve trevor crash lands on the island how do you propose they get off the island without a plane? she flies back to New York with Trevor in her arms?

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@wdw: Yes they do live like the ancient Greeks! Show mean adaption where the Amazons didn't! The jet thing is stupid. It will never show up in a movie! In modern times an invisible plane wouldn't be exceptable. This movie would tie in with the MOS universe. The purpose of that universe was to set unrealistic characters in a realistic setting. They won't put an invisible jet! It works in cartoons, because they're cartoons, it worked with Lynda Carter because in the 70's people liked campy superheroes. I've seen the failed pilot and the jet wasn't invisible! It was only in one shot anyway! WB doesn't care about a characters history. They would've let Darren Aronofsky do his Batman Year One movie, that featured Bruce as a poor mechanic and Alfred his partner. They're looking to make money! An invisible plane wouldn't even fit in the Marvel cinematic universe. Especially since it doesn't conceal whoever's in it, which makes no sense at all! Get over it it's not happening.

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This is all well and good but how is all this going to fit in to the MoS universe? Also Superman is already a killer in the DCCU so it's not really unique.

@wdw: There is no way that invisible jet is going to fit in to the Man of Steel universe and if they ven try 50% of the population will commit suicide over how stupid the whole concept is

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Umm you do realize that the invisible Plane is in the original Wonder Woman canon. It was in the first Wonder Woman comic’s. So if the Amazons live strictly as ancient Greeks how did they get the invisible plane in the first place?

The original amazons had technology and magic the plane was built by them

Also there was a time when Wonder Woman used the lansar disc which gave Wonder Woman and the Amazons a lot of high tech gadgets

The weapons they forge are all magic which is just really high technology we dont understand yet

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

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@wdw: Bottom line is the plane won't ever be in a movie and still in my MADE UP movie they live like the ancient Greeks. In every incarnation they do. Who gives a crap that it's canon. Also since the new 52 that's not considered canon. Its considered history. All of the stupid powers they gave Superman in the silver age is canon by your definition, but that doesn't mean we'll see them on the big screen. By your definition Superman wearing undies on the outside is canon, but that wasn't in MOS. By your definition Dick Grayson, Jason Todd Tim Drake Damian Wayne Carrie Kelly and Stephanie Brown are a part of Batman canon since they were Robin, but none of them made it into the TDK trilogy. It won't end up in a movie get that in your brain!

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@redhood13: Bottom line? based on your opinion?

You are comparing costume updates and side kicks to prove your point? The Invisible Plane is more like the space ship that brought superman to earth.But instead it brings Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor safely to mans world undetected. Simple and sweet after that you dont need to ever see it again.

The Invisible plane has been RECONNECTED to ever version of Wonder Woman in comics, animation and LIVE TV. but you think when they finally make a movie it will be omitted? Not a chance


The new 52 the amazons CERTAINTY do not live like ancient greeks you say this because they use swords and arrows? Hephestus makes alot of there weapons and you can clearly see semi automatic rifles in his armory. The amazons dont live like ancient greeks cluless to technology and whats going on outside of there island.

If you wrote a story that made them live like ancient GREEKs then so be it. its your story not going to argue it. but the Amazons as DC comics made them don't live like ancient greeks. Frozen in time with no technological progress or magical enhancement at all. What you see on the surface is not the reality how could it be. It makes NO SENSE!


Its confirmed that Steve Trevor crash landed on paradise island in the new 52 and was brought back to "mans world" by wonder woman. and Guess what? the 52 version of Steve Trevor uses an invisible plane.

I dont know why you want to just ignore the writing on the wall. The invisible jet is not going away.

So let me ask. In your story version how does Wonder Woman get steve trevor back to mans world? or did you completely eliminate him from your story as well as the plane?

You suggest in your OP that Wonder Woman simply carries Steve Trevor just like Superman did with Lois lane. Thats sweet.... You think that will work all the way across the Atlantic ocean? I would take a WEEK for Wonder Woman to cross it while holding steve trevor since she certainty could not travel much faster than 80 miles an hour so STEVE TREVOR can breath.

Come on.... you really need to rethink your story

#19 Edited by RedHood13 (153 posts) - - Show Bio

@wdw: 1st off, I never said WW carried him across the Atlantic. 2nd, If you read you would know that I am using Steve Trevor in this movie. 3rd, I never said I was against a jet. I was against an invisible one. How would she get Trevor back to America? I did say I want this to be more like a Greek myth in modern day so i'd go with this. One thing given to the winner of the tournament is the key of Hermes. This key is gift from Hermes to the Amazons. This key can transport you anywhere in the world, Olympus or the Underworld. WW uses it to get back to america.

How do you compare the ship that brought Superman to earth to WW's invisible plane? Without that ship Superman wouldn't be on earth. Without the invisible plane...WW would still be WW. You also said the plane brought WW and Steve Trevor to America concealed, when in almost EVERY version of WW the plane is invisible but not the people inside it. They weren't hidden! People on the ground could've easily seen two people floating in the air in a sitting down position.

You misunderstood me. I didn't want the invisible plane because it is often used as WW's means of transportation. She can fly in this movie so she wouldn't need it. Also if the plane is invisible and the person/people inside aren't it's pointless. Also it just wouldn't fit in with the world this is set in. I'm not trashing the plane i'm saying it wouldn't fit into this universe. Why can't you get past that! It wouldn't show up in film. It might work in comic books and cartoons, but that's because those can be over the top and fantastical. You can write your own article like this and put in the plane i don't care. Its my opinion. I also never said it was going away, but it wouldn't be in this movie.

"If you wrote a story that made them live like ancient GREEKs then so be it. its your story not going to argue it."

You won't argue the ancient Greeks thing but you will the plane? Hypocrite.

I'm not saying take the plan away from comics, tv, and movies. I said not in this particular film. Maybe even in a sequel, but it doesn't fit. You keep on going back to "well in the new 52 they did this that and this!" Well that's comics. This is supposed to be set in the MOS universe. This wouldn't fit at all do you get that?

I want a GOOD reason why it would work in a darker more realistic movie version of WW. Give me that and i'll believe it would work. I might even change the article and put in your idea. I want a legitimate idea on how it could fit in with the story, the tone and the realism.

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@redhood13: Hey Hey Hey.... I want to get one thing straight. I agree with most of your original post. and personally as I stated before I would also get rid of the plane.

What I am saying is that its not going to happen based on the way DC keeps reconnecting it DC could have gotten rid of the invisible plane long ago but they did not so what makes you think they will do it for the movie.

I know your OP states 10 things you want to see. I am just pointing out the invisible plane will turn up in a movie like it or not.

I am really not trying to convince you if it will work or not.

I wrote a spec script for Wonder Woman which I posted on the Database. I have read pretty much every Wonder Woman comic made in order to write my script.

I can tell you I included the plane because I know Warner Bros would probably require it and the way I did it works very well. its useful and needed. It kind of assumes the role Supermans space ship did in bringing him to earth. after that... in my version its not used.

Everybody knows that Wonder Woman came with steve trevor to mans world in an invisible plane why change the source material if you don't need to

#21 Posted by RedHood13 (153 posts) - - Show Bio

@wdw: WB wouldn't require it. They don't care as long as it makes money. It wouldn't show up in the movie because it's not required source material and most fans don't even want to see it.

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Lol @ all the arguing about the jet. But I really like your idea of merging the two origins and making Hera the true villain.

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