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Diana Prince and her partner Nemesis were given an assignment to watch over and protect Maxi-Man at an amusement park by their boss Sarge Steel. Suddenly a roller-coaster falls off track and a broken piece of the track knocks Maxi-Manunconscious. Nemesis takes him to safety allowing Diana to switch into her Wonder Woman costume and catch the falling roller-coaster saving all the onboard citizens. Diana and Nemesis return to the Department Of Metahuman Affairs to hear and earful from Sarge Steel about the debacle at the park. He informs the pair that their new task is to catch Wonder Woman and bring her in for questioning. Diana struggles with herself over her impossible new task, unsure of what she should really do. Nemesis receives a tip that Wonder Woman is at Villains And Vixens Bar. When he arrives, he is confronted by Circe who is impersonating Wonder Woman. She wraps the Lasso Of Truth around Nemesis which turns into a snake. Circe's true form is revealed as she drops a fake pair ofWonder Woman bracelets on the ground to frame the real Wonder Woman. Diana is called into the office by her boss who reveals Nemesis was captured by Wonder Woman. Diana is caught off guard as Sarge Steel holds up a bag containing the fake pair of bracelets left at the scene of the crime. Once outside, Diana switches to her Wonder Woman costume and begins searching for answers.

Wonder Woman heads to the Wonder Woman museum and finds Circe and an imprisoned and wounded Nemesis. She spars with Circe who preys of Diana's self-doubts only sparking a rage in Wonder Woman forcing Circe to retreat. Wonder Woman takes the wounded Nemesis to a veterinarians office and applies medical attention herself. Nemesis recalls his recent mishap with Wonder Woman and the pair decide to check out the bar. Upon arrival, Wonder Woman comes in brief contact with Circe yet again who quickly retreats allowingSarge Steel and a team of agents to capture Wonder Woman. An imprisoned Wonder Woman is asked about the Amazon technology known as the Purple Death Ray. Hippolyta makes a deal with Circe to come back and appears onParadise Island.

Issue #7

Hippolyta along with other Amazon's and Circeare on Paradise Island. They show Hippolyta that her daughter is currently imprisoned by the government. This angers Hippolyta who then prepares for a war. Nemesis is unable to get ahold of Diana and then finds out both she and him are being reassigned. Circe appears where Diana is currently imprisoned and attempts to play with her emotions. Nemesis, under disguise, infiltrates the facility where Diana is being held. He reveals himself to Wonder Woman who is unsure whether she can trust him. Nemesis allows her to put theLasso Of Truth around him to find out for sure. The two escape outside to findWashington D.C. in ruins by an ongoing war. Wonder Woman is shocked to find her mother at the center of it.

Hippolyta asks Athena for wisdom but isn't satisfied without he response given to her. She leads the war on Washington D.C. where to manage to knock over the Washington monument. Superman catches it at the last second before it smashes to the ground. Wonder Woman and Nemesis reconvene with Superman, Batman and Black Canary. After forming their plan, Wonder Woman takes Nemesis and heads out to find her mother. Hippolyta tells Wonder Woman of the secret weapon Circe has given the AmazonsSarge Steel shows up outside and tries to arrest Nemesis until angry Amazons attack. Within all the fighting and confusion, Nemesis changes his appearance to look like Sarge Steel. With the agents not being able to tell which one is the real Steel, they arrest both. Circe shows up and a furious Wonder Woman begins to attack her. Nemesis finds out that a man named Everyman has been impersonating Sarge Steel. Circe reveals her plans to Wonder Woman informing her that her mole in the government was there to seize a nuclear weapon and launch it at Paradise Island. Hippolyta overhears Circe and stabs her through the chest with a spear. Circe's final words to Wonder Woman were "usurp her throne, you can call off the war" which Wonder Woman knows that would mean she has to kill her mother.

Wonder Woman jumps in front of Nemesis to shield him from the oncoming swarm of spears heading their way from the Amazon's. After deflecting them, Wonder Woman tells her mother they need to talk. Only a few words were said until Hippolyta hit her daughter sending her flying away. Nemesis disguised as Hippolyta demanded Marta to hand over the weapon. The weapon was a chest of sorts which opened revealing Stygian Killer Hornets. They began to attack Nemesis. Green Lantern and Superman showed up and took care of the bees but not before they did considerable damage to Nemesis. This enraged Wonder Woman causing her to fight her mother. She put a knife to her throat and could have taken her life but instead put the knife in her mother's hand and raised it to her own throat and asked her if she would kill her to win.

Wonder Woman Vol. 3 is collected in the following HC/paperback titles:

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