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Hell Yeah Wonder Woman!

I'm seriously in love with this series now. I really love the writing, the darkness, the edginess, and the maturity. Wonder Woman is no longer a comic book for kids, as it should be. She deals with Greek mythology. If you actually read the tales, they are very graphic. Wonder Woman get close to the graphic parts, but still keeps it PG-13. What I love most about this volume is how much it reads like the Sandman comics. The gods and their relationships remind me of the Endless. And the new look to the gods are clever too. My only complaint is that it is a quick read and wish they were longer, but that's just a minor complaint. I know there are some fans who don't like the change, but I think they should accept this change. I still hold my ground that it's not that different from the original creation. She's still Wonder Woman after all.

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