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She's the greatest super-heroine to ever grace the comics page! Gifted with powers by the Greek Gods, Wonder Woman left her Amazon Island home to become one of the greatest champions of "Man's World." Now more of her earliest adventures are collected in WONDER WOMAN ARCHIVES Volume Three—a 240-page hardcover reprinting the Wonder Woman stories from SENSATION COMICS #18-24 and WONDER WOMAN (first series) #5-7! Written by Wonder Woman creator William Mouton Marston, with art by H.G. Peter and Frank Godwin, Volume Three also features an introduction by noted comics historian Les Daniels (Wonder Woman: The Complete History). Wonder Woman enters a prime period with this volume that features the debut of one of her most famous adversaries: the Cheetah! Also introduced is another great villain, Dr. Psycho, to bedevil our favorite Amazon. In addition to these landmarks there is the return of Mars, Lord Conquest, the Duke of Deception, and the Earl of Greed! Toss in stories of a lost race of Incas, a school bully, a trip 1000 years into the future, Fifth Columnists, yet another face-off with the Cheetah, and much more, and you have a collection of tales that depict our favorite Amazon at her Golden-Age best!

Reprints Sensation Comics #18-24 and Wonder Woman #5-7.

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