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Incapable of love

This series is somewhat becoming known as one of shocking moments, and generally through the revelation of new information.  This has been good at times, and when it has been going strong it has been really strong.  When not though, it becomes apparent that behind the shock there is sometimes not as much substance.  This is the case here as the series progresses from the cliffhanger ending to the previous issue where Hades wants Diana to be his bride.  There is a fair amount of developments here, and things which are not always expected, but it also all too often delves into the realm of the fighting between gods.  In the end it is an entertaining issue, which fuels the interest in the resolution of this story, but it still feels like it could have been done a bit better.  


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    Its very rare that what is essentially a filler issue gets me so excited and leaves me with a feeling of absolute contentment, but that is basically what happened here. I continue to be amazed at the quality of writing that's being churned out by Azzarello on this title. In this issue, we see a further exploration into the pantheon of gods that populate Wonder Woman's world and, at the same time, we discover a little bit about Hades' character. Who would have thought the ruler of the underworld ...

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