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Acclaimed novelist Jodi Picoult continues her WONDER WOMAN run as America goes to war. As the Amazons invade America, Wonder Woman and Nemesis make an unlikely pair as they struggle to understand why their world has exploded while staying alive! An old nemesis of Wonder Woman's enters the fray, but even this threat pales in comparison to what the Amazons have unleashed. And when Nemesis makes a dangerous gamble in his quest for the truth, he discovers a danger way over his head!

The Amazons have begun their attack on Washington. Hippolyta asks Athena for wisdom. She is told that the worst way to keep peace is to start a war. Superman arrives just in time to catch part of the Washington Monument. When Wonder Woman arrives with Nemesis, Superman, Batman, and Black Carary ask her if it's really her mother, Hippolyta tht is leading the war. Wonder Woman says that it has to be a fake. They try to understand why the Amazons would attack now. Wonder Woman thinks that maybe it's because she was wrongly imprisoned.

Wonder Woman takes Nemesis to confront her alleged mother. She is allowed to see her, alone. Hippolyta asks if she's okay. Wonder Woman tells her that she is, she is free from custody. Diana tries explaining that they are attacking innocent people. Hippolyta says that they want to steal their weapons and technology. They have a poison that will affect those with human blood. Agents from the Department of Metahuman Affairs arrive. Nemesis is suspicious of Sarge Steel since he has lied to him twice recently. He tricks him into answering a question incorrectly and knows it must not be him. Wonder Woman warns him just as an explosion erupts around them. When the smoke clears, there's two Sarge Steels standing there. Nemesis has taken on his image. Nemesis suggests that they are both arrested and taken back to headquarters.

Diana sees Circe watching over the fight. She demands to know what she did to her mother. Diana is convinced that her mother must be possessed or something. Circe says that being dead just makes you weird.

Back at headquarters, the fake Sarge Steel is able to convince the agents that he is the real one. He takes a pen and stabs Nemesis in what should be a fake metal hand. He goes to interogate the man they have in custody. He asks him where "you-know-who" is, refering to the real Sarge Steel. The man tells him he is safe and introduces himself as Everyman. He pushes a button on his wrist and disappears right in front of the fake Sarge Steel. In the control room, it is seen that a nuclear missle is being readied for launch at Themyscira.

Wonder Woman continues to fight Circe saying that her mother would never attack the people. Circe talks in circles trying to confuse Diana about who she is and who her mother is. Circe tells her that just about everything has gone according to her plan.

Nemesis seems to have escaped. He rushes back to Wonder Woman and wonders why things are happening. He wonders why a nuclear missle is aimed at the sky and why the computer said it was aimed at Themyscira since it's not even in this dimension. He wants to know why Everyman would want to kill the Amazons and who he's working for. Seeing Wonder Woman battling Circe, he figures that she must be behind it all. He tells her everything that is going on. Circe admits that she gave her fake Sarge Steel the coordinates to Themyscira. When the time comes, she will cast a spell that will open the portal to Themyscira and let the missle in to destroy it. Circe is stabbed with a spear and called a traitor. Hippolyta is furious for having been betrayed by Circe. Circe begins to fade away and tells Diana that her mother isn't the woman she knew. In order to stop the war, she has to usurp her mother. Diana says that in order to usurp her mother, she would have to kill her.

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