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Part 3 of Jodi Picoult's WONDER WOMAN run welcomes the return of art team Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson! Diana Prince was charged with capturing Wonder Woman for the Department of Metahuman Affairs, and she's unwittingly succeeded. But the true reason for her illegal detainment can and will precipitate a bloody war, one that even Diana is powerless to prevent! This issue leads directly into AMAZONS ATTACK #1.

On Themyscira, there is magic in the air. Circe uses her powers and has revived Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons. As Circe welcomes her back, she says "You wish is my desire. Or vice versa..." There is still some magic crackling in the air and there appears to be some in the Queen's eyes. She asks where her daughter is.

Wonder Woman is still being held by the government. Circe shows Hippolyta that she is caged and defeated by man. She asks Circe why she would revive her. Circe says that the enemy of her enemy is her friend. Hippolyta notes that the world of man hasn't changed. What they don't understand, they fear. What they fear, they try to control. She says that, to them, her daughter is the enemy. Circe says that enemies must be crushed. Hippolyta is prepared to give them a war if that is what they want.

At the Villains & Vixens Bar, Nemesis is drinking alone. He's been trying to contact his partner, Diana, not knowing that she is Wonder Woman. Heading to the Department of Metahuman Affairs, he runs into Sarge Steel in the parking lot. Steel tells him that the reason he hasn't been able to contact Agent Prince is because she's been reassigned and the Wonder Woman case is closed. Nemesis tries telling Steel that Wonder Woman is being set up. There's nothing Steel can do. The Department has taken custody of Wonder Woman and he doesn't know where they've taken her. He continues to question why is she being treated this way and how is Circe involved. Steel responds by telling him that he's been reassigned too. Nemesis is to go to Portland, Maine. He's not happy with the situation and plans to do something about it.

In Wonder Woman's cell, Circe appears. She tells her that she's not really there. Circe tries telling her that they are the same. They're both powerful and are fighting for what they believe in. Wonder Woman says you can't just take right or wrong out of the equation. Circe reminds her that times change. In the past it was acceptable to own slaves or to beat your wife. Perhaps what is wrong today will be right tomorrow. Circe says that love and murder are all that matter. She says they're what it means to be human. Diana says murder doesn't make you human. As Circe disappears, she says to tell that to Max Lord, or herself.

In the control room monitoring Wonder Woman's cell, Sarge Steel comes busting in. He is ticked off and asks the agent why no one is following the orders he made. The agent responds that they've made it so no one is allowed to that sector and six guards are on patrol by what they have been told is a closet. Steel then pushes the agent's face into one of the computer monitors. He drags the agent into a room where at least three others are seen bound and gagged. He sneaks into the elevator and goes down to where Wonder Woman's cell is. When the two guards there question him after he said no one was to enter, he slams their heads together. He blows open Wonder Woman's cell and reveals that he is really Nemesis posing as Steel.

Wonder Woman says she has no reason to trust him. Nemesis reveals that he took her magic lasso from the evidence locker and wraps it around himself. He tells her to ask him the truth. Wonder Woman grabs the end of the lasso and looks at him. She releases him and says she can trust him. Guards are outside the door. Wonder Woman asks if he posed as Steel the whole way in. When the guards enter, she hits him so it doesn't appear that he's helped her. She takes out the guards and punches through a wall. She continues to punch throught the ground to make her escape, with Nemesis behind her.

In Washington D.C., Hippolyta and the Amazons attack. The Army is no match for them. Sarge Steel (the real one) contacts Batman asking for his help. Batman says it doens't make any sense that they'd attack and doesn't understand why Wonder Woman isn't anywhere around. Batman says that Black Lightning is on the scene and the rest of the JLA is on the way. As the screen shuts off, Circe comments on Batman's fashion sense. Steel tells her to get out so no one sees her. She tells him that he's the only one that can. He tells her that he's "delivering the capes" and what is she doing? She tells him to relax since she got him Wonder Woman.

Underground in the sewers, Wonder Woman and Nemesis continue walking. He's upset that she hit him and knocked out a tooth. She says she was just trying to make it look like he wasn't involved. Nemesis explains that he changes into other people so they'd already know it was him. Wonder Woman then asks if he has anything she could fix her costume with. He has some epoxy in his belt and she tells him to look away. He is surprised that she'd be insecure about herself. Wonder Woman says it's not about insecurity but rather decency. Nemesis says what is decent is the birthmark she has on the same place that she's a pain in. Wonder Woman calls him a pig but there is an explosion behind them. She lands on top of him and they both stop for a moment looking at each other. Wondering where the explosion came from and who it was for, Wonder Woman carries them to the surface. They see Washington being attacked. In the wreckage, Wonder Woman is shocked to see her mother.

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