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Rebirth or Restoration

With the introduction of the second series of Wonder Woman in 1987, George Perez began writing storylines, which retained character names primarily and Wonder Woman’s powers, but steered away from the stories printed in the original series. Perez’s modern storylines were very different from the original series, and many loyal fans who faithfully read the original series wondered what might remain the same and what might be different over the long haul. As each new issue appeared in the second series, it became apparent that the World War II storylines were no longer part of Princess Diana’s mission. She was instead an ambassador to modern Man’s World.

Two very important new documented character elements come out of issue seven. The Greek Gods and the Amazons have unique healing arts. And archaelogist Barbara Minerva has access to a potion which can transform her into the Cheetah.

The Greek Gods act in many ways like judges. They have the power to preserve anyone whose life is waning, but rarely invoke the use of that power. It is important to distinguish this power from the first issue where several of the gods granted reincarnation, a new body and a new life to any worthy female spirit who was separated long ago from her body. In this issue, the gods convince Zeus that Diana’s life was worthy of preserving even though the wounds to her body and spirit appeared to be beyond the Amazons’ highly advanced knowledge of medical treatment. Poseidon takes charge of Diana and while under water summons the Neriedes, salt water sprites who have a unique power to touch and heal anyone. Diana’s body and spirit are both healed, and she rockets upward and out from the water back to her Amazonian friends and family. This aspect of healing causes one to ponder: Are the Greek gods all-powerful in the medical arts?

An Amazonian healing art also is noteworthy in this issue. With Diana’s application of a salve to Vanessa Kapatelis’ very aged body, Diana restores Vanessa’s physical youth. The Amazons, therefore, have demonstrated a unique medical knowledge. The Amazons not only know how to preventing aging in the way Ponce De Leon sought the fountain of eternal youth; they also are able to restore a human body’s physical youth, which is normally lost through aging.

Another new character introduced is archaelogist Barbara Minerva. Through her servant, Chuma, Barbara has access to a potion which can produce temporarily Cheetah-like abilities. The potion’s negative tradeoff is increasing insanity.

It will be interesting to learn how Chuma’s potion affects Barbara in the upcoming issues of Wonder Woman.



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