razzatazz's Wonder Woman #7 - Rebirth! review

Cooling Down

 As with any issue immediately after a major story arc, this issue sort of serves as cleanup.   The gods discuss Diana’s heroics and agree that she must be healed.   Diana discusses with her mother the message that Ares left her, and despite her insistence she returns to man’s world with a cure for Vanessa.   This issue also introduces Mindi Mayer.   Mindi served as Diana’s publicist for the first 20 or so issues.   I was never really all that pleased with a hero having their own publicist, but I suppose in this case it sort of makes sense.   We are also shown for the first time Barbara Minerva, who is the new Cheetah.   The issue overall is not as good as the ones which preceded it and with good reason as it is bridging from one story arc to another.   I liked it though, it gives a bit more meaning to one of these kind of issues than you would usually expect.    


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