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Part 2 of acclaimed novelist Jodi Picoult's instant-classic WONDER WOMAN run finds Nemesis the victim of a trap laid for the Amazon Warrior, and Diana Prince under extreme pressure from Sarge Steel to caption her alter ego! The clues to Nemesis' fate lie in the now-abandoned Wonder Woman museum, but what awaits Diana is an even deadlier trap!

Wonder Woman comes to Tesser's (Nemesis) rescue and Circe comments how predictable it would be for her to come and save someone. Circe attacks her, sending her across the room. Wonder Woman stands up again, and blocks an attack from Circe's blasts. However, the blasts turn into snakes. She snaps them, going for Circe and taking her down. She starts taunting her, asking if she will kill her now. Circe then escapes and unties the bound Tesser. He is hurt, and takes him to the Vetinary Surgeon because she is still a fugitive. She heals his cuts. Puzzled, she asks him if he should be arresting her now, but he replies that he doesn't like to be told what to do, especially when he isn't told everything.

Tom then suggests a bar where Circe could be hiding, but she should note that it is a bar where people are dressed as villains. They both go inside, and asks a fan of Wonder Woman's, the bartender, where she can find Circe. The bartender points her towards the toilet. She escapes into another portal. Then, Sarge Steel and his armed forces burst through capturing Wonder Woman in a net. Steel then congratulates Tom for leading them to Wonder Woman. Tom looks confused, and Steel replies that they had placed a tracker on him.

Wonder Woman agrees to come in peacefully, and at the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Steel takes an elevator deep in the building. There, Wonder Woman is being held in a clear holding cell and questions her about the Purple Death Ray which had been used against the OMACs. She refuses to answer and finds herself zapped by the cell.

Meanwhile, Circe asks the gods' permissions to travel to Themyscira. At Themyscira, two Amazons go about their daily business when they find that the eternal flame has gone out. It can't be out... only a hand of evil could have done this. They then hear a voice and turn around with Circe behind them. "Death's a bitch darling...and then you're born again."

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So far the relaunch of Wonder Woman in this series has been moving along very strongly but this is the first issue where the momentum falls off a little.  The action is still decent, and again Circe challenges Diana for who she is and what she represents, but the message is not quite the same here nor is the first time it has been touched upon in the first seven issues.  I still like how the artist is depicting Circe though.  After a quick confrontation Tom is freed and this is where the issue l...

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