delphic's Wonder Woman #7 - Il Gangster Dell'Amore review

Forging a New Diana

If I was in Diana's shoes, I would not want to call myself an Amazon anymore. Pretty much this story changes not the origin of wonder woman this time, but the origin of the Amazons. Most of have probably heard of the Spartans where if a male infant was born deformed or sickly then child was killed. Well it seems the Amazon's come from a similar way of thinking except that all males are cast away. So apparently what the FemSpartans do now is that they go out and raid ships where they have a big orgy with the men on the ship then kill them. Nine months later the harvesting of babies begins. Some celebrate the birth of a daughter and others have their son ripped from their pleading arms. In Wonder Woman #7 Diana goes to meet with Hephaestus to get weapons to assist her during her raid of hell to rescue Zola from Hades which he agrees to do. After a demon attacks the forge Diana discovers something shocking about Hephaestus helpers that once again shakes her to her core and once again shatters everything she has ever known. I have to say though, that I really enjoyed this issue. It gives a deeper sight into the fact that everything is not what it seems, and what we are told is not always true. I may not agree with all the changes that Azzarello is making, but overall at least things are explained in an understandable manner. I honestly think Wonder Woman will be one of the better books, and the character, Diana, will benefit more from the new 52 than most. As far as the Amazon's are concerned their history might not be as bright or magical as we remember it, but in truth most things that appear bright and magical are replace with a cold and brutal truth.

How the Amazon's Survived

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