razzatazz's Wonder Woman #614 - The Odyssey, Part 14: The Return review

I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything gets there ten years later

This issue is a little anti-climactic compared to the last one which really was the pivotal one to the entire story arc.  Here Diana relatively quickly fends off Nemesis and then has to battle being taken over by the force herself.  The rest of the issue cuts back in a pretty convenient plot device to make things exactly as they were beforehand, save for the new costume.  I suppose with the series ending and a new one en route this development was sort of expected as the creative teams on Wonder Woman over the years have always wanted to say goodbye in their own way.  As the wrap-up to the fourteen issue story arc, this one did well and really had to exist as it did to give some closure to the story arc, but the fact that very little actually occurred in this issue gives it almost a tacked on feeling as opposed to being vital to the experience.  In the end Wonder Woman volume 3 reaches its end, and so too might many of the aspects of the new costume, but the story arc was as a whole well written, well conceived and well executed and deserves its place among the best Wonder Woman story arcs of all time.  

Posted by etragedy

As a lifelong Cincinnatian, I don't know how I feel about this... I'm actually beginning to like the idea of the new 52.
P.S. Thank you for spelling Cincinnati right.

Posted by B'Town

This last arc, I came into it a hater and had to admit I was wrong, it was a terrific story all along. So, much I had to go back and reread some of the earlier issues I had flipped too quickly.

I'm going to keep an open mind for the new Wonder Woman books. I am happy we still have Diana, and will be cheering her on, in the new run.

Once again, thanks for the review.

Posted by AladdinN

I do have to agree with this issue feeling anticlimactic. Right before this issue came out I read all 13 previous issues, and this ending felt really rushed to me, the art was not on par with the rest of the book, the battle scenes, even the dialogue seemed rushed. I think what it boils down to is that I really enjoyed this story arc, and I feel it deserved something a little more full hearted. There was too much going on in the story for her to just 'wake up'

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