no_name_'s Wonder Woman #611 - The Odyssey, Part 11: Siege review

Wonder Woman's Destiny Revealed!

Wonder Woman's destiny is revealed- and things are not looking good.

The Good

It's been a long time since I've been able to say 'wow, this is a fantastic issue of Wonder Woman.' But seriously, wow, this is a fantastic issue of Wonder Woman. Be it because the story is gradually becoming more clear, or because Phil Hester has just managed to successfully find this character's voice- this is one issue that will not disappoint old and new readers alike. 
The last issue of Wonder Woman we saw her protector, who shrouded her with magic in order to protect her from the Morrigan- three evil war goddesses who plan on exterminating every last Amazon; starting with their Princess. However, Wonder Woman is the confrontational type- this time, when she goes looking for trouble, she finds it. 
The pacing of this issue is perfect and picks up where the reader left off. Not only is the issue action packed, but it is sure to completely suck you into the story if you let it. The Morrigan appear to be a very real, very prevalent threat to Diana, who witnesses her future unfold before her eyes. 
I think Phil Hester manages to capture Diana's personality very well- here she is both sensitive and impressionable as well as self assured and confident. She is still confused, and she does not understand the vision of her supposed "destiny." This scene is really well written; but more importantly, it leaves me anticipating the next issue of Wonder Woman. It's an issue I feel really good about, and that's really good for Wonder Woman fans. 

The Bad

Even though the "vision" comes about rather abruptly, it works well with the flow of the story. I really don't have any complaints about this issue, save for the limited dialogue from Wonder Woman herself. 

The Verdict

It's been a long time since I've been able to confidently say I really enjoy this Wonder Woman comic and I am really looking forward to the next issue. I can finally say that with this issue. We are almost there.
Posted by Bluetorch
Posted by B'Town

Thank you so much Sara.  I will be looking forward to getting my hands on my issue all the more now.  Anticipation is a great thing.

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