thehummingbird's Wonder Woman #605 - Odyssey, Part 5: Runaway Fate review

Wonder Woman Finally Making You Wonder

I personally have never been a big fan of Wonder Woman. The answer as to why is I never felt like a lot of the more psychological aspects of her character her addressed, and if they were it had very simplistic reasoning behind it. Issue 605 has stood out the most to me for many reasons. The first being that Diana has finally been modernized, and now their is a lot of room for character development through out the new series. Not only this, but we finally get a nice insight into Diana's past and what has led her up to this new mindset, rather than the normal simplistic concepts. Such as we see the reason why Diana is obsessed with the concept of justice. Another Nice touch to the series was not only seeing this tough and driven Amazon Princess, but also seeing Diana having humility. Towards the end of the issue we see a normally over powered super hero being brought to her knees, as well as empathizing with a little boy. The new plot and introduction to the Morrigan was a wonderful touch as well.

Overall this issue was very well written, and only left more room for growth with both Diana's character and the overall plot. On top of this well written issue the art in it was also quite beautiful. Overall it is an enjoyable read, and as the title of my review implies it will make you think for once about all of the potential of are new Princess Diana, and all of the driving factors to this wonderful character. 
Posted by Lunacy

Good review, Snuggles!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Great review! Good job :)

Posted by thehummingbird

awww thanks *snuggles back* 


hehe thank you =) 
Posted by Lunacy
@thehummingbird: I wasn't snuggling you, I was calling you Snuggles. I barely know you! :P
Posted by thehummingbird

Sorry -takes snuggle back- I will just call you puddin to make up for it...>.> 
Posted by Lunacy
@thehummingbird: I like it when you call me puddin, snuggles.
Posted by B'Town

This is a wonderful character and I agree there is so much to explore from here on out.  I am really looking forward to these next issues.  Thanks for a fine review.  

*shakes off to say nice job cupcake*
Posted by SC

MOAR Reviews please... (ooh, do GCS! *grin*)

Posted by thehummingbird

Thank you so  much. I am glad another person agrees with me about the new wonder woman =) 


On my list of things to do and thank you also =) 

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