krypton_'s Wonder Woman #600 - Wonder Woman Can Save the World; Valedictorian; Fuzzy Logic; Firepower; The Sensational Wonder Woman; Odyssey, Prologue: Couture Shock review

Wonder Woman - She Can Save The "Entire" World!

 Wonder Woman And Her Female Friends! ATTACK!
Wonder Woman's 600th Issue is here! Woohooo! You, you, not you (just kidding), are all invited to celebrate this iconic character. Who else really deserves a anniversary issue other than Wonder Woman? Never mind, Batman and Superman already had theirs, now it's time for the symbol of Love and peace. If Superman had a conversation with Wonder Woman, I bet he would talk about her outfit. She practically copies his colors. This has nothing to do with this comic, this was just for fun. Any who, Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George Perez, Gail Simone and a whole bunch of other people will join this amazing fighter in this 600th issue! Wonder Woman 600 contains five (very) special stories. These stories are, Valedictorian, Fuzzy Logic, Firepower, The Sensational Wonder Woman and the main story "Odysseey Prologue: Counter Shock!" Onward! 


 Amanda Conner's Awesome Team-up of WW and PG!
Superman and Wonder Woman! 
When I first saw Wonder Woman's new suit for her "New Adventure", I think I was the only person (other than Jim lee) who liked the costume. Maybe some other people liked the suit, but I don't know. When I saw the replies on Comic Vine, about why the suit was a mistake, I was wondering why no one else liked this suit. Honestly, the first costume she was wearing was, um, boring. Before you "don't" recommend my review hear me out first. Mostly (or all) heroes villains and even Jimmy Olsen (LOL), has had a costume change. During the "One Year Later" story line, I enjoyed Diana in that white Secret Agent outfit. I was glad that she was in a different outfit after her first appearance in comics. However, she eventually went back to the old Red, White, and Blue (don't forget about gold) outfit. I want you to "recommend" my review, however everyone has an opinion at what they like and what they don't like. I wasn't going to do that, but whatever. Wonder Woman is joined by many "famed" and noticeable writers and artist. E.g Gail Simone, Amanda Conner, Geoff (I thought it was Ge-off) Johns and other writers and artist. Many got to draw the interior stories for this 600th issue, however other artist were added also. Artist Adam Hughes joined and drew a cool picture, some others like Francis Manapul were also included at drawing different pictures of wonder woman. I mainly enjoyed the 5 stories, however If I had to pick my favorites it was the first story, Valedictorian, and also the last story, Odysseey Prologue: Counter Shock! All were great stories, however you can see how the female "super heroes" look up to Wonder Woman, most heroes that are females still look up to her as the best hero of all times! I enjoyed how writer Gail Simone portrayed that story and characters. 
 Geoff Johns sets Wonder Woman's "Eventual" Story up. 
 New Uniform


While I did like the story, I wished it sort of connected like Batman's anniversary issue. While I'm still okay with that, it would've been cool. And also, Amanda conner drew Wonder Woman's nose a tiny little bit red, like she was sick or something.   

Wonder Woman #600's Verdict

In the end, some "old" readers of Wonder Woman might put down her series and replace it with Power Girl or some other character, and others will embrace this new costume and story for the better. This is a good jumping on point for new readers, and readers that lost interest in Wonder Woman's stories. Jump on, or get out! Wonder Woman is setting up for a wild ride, Overall this is a 4.5/5.  

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