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In Your Satin Tights, Fighting for Your Rights. 0

OK, everyone, let's get this out of the way. When William Moulton Marston created this dashing warrior, it has gone (and it's still going) through some changes. The marvelous contributions of George Perez, Greg Rucka, and Gail Simone, the aberrations of William Messner-Loebs, the near-unpolitically correct blunder of Eric Luke, and now, the contributions of J. Michael Straczynski. But before JMS can put his hands on an iconic figure like Diana Prince, we are here rewarded with a collection of th...

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Move Aside, Batman and Superman...Wonder Woman's Here 0

     I never would have guessed that "Wonder Woman" #600 would be my favorite book out of the DC Trinity Anniversary Summer Extravaganza. That book is an anniversary if I ever saw one.     First, let's talk about the bonus art strewn about in the issue. Adam Hughes, Nicola Scott, Ivan Reis, Guillen March, Greg Horn, Francis Manapul, Phil Jimenez, Jock, and Shane Davis off their interpretation of Wonder Woman. DC's biggest artists in a book? That just adds to the signifigance of the milestone iss...

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Wonder Woman Issue 600 0

Good ol' Wonder Woman. Member of the JLA. Princess and representative of her people to the world. And yet... I never really cared. I won't lie, despite the occasional temptation, I never cared about or for Wonder Woman. However, with it being her anniversary and all, I thought I'd but the issue, if for nothing else but the big number. Something funny happened this week though. I went to the DCU blog and read what the creators had to say about Wonder Woman. I reflected on some old Wonder Woman kn...

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Suffragette City 0

Wonder Woman has made a splash. This is a truly great anniversary issue! The credits on the cover boggle the imagination and this may be the best $4.99 you spend for a while. I'm going to be honest here as a man harboring feminist sentiments and being all for girl power in the world of comics and the world at large, I still couldn't get interested in WW for as long as I can remember. Here I took a gamble, and it certainly paid off. DC has done an outstanding job making their two most lofty chara...

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Its the REMIX 0

This may just be the best of the big three's anniversary books.  Batman's was great, Grant Morrison moving his story a long. Superman's was hit or miss with the three different creative crews and no pin-ups.  The Wonder Woman #600 was really saving the best for last.   George Perez COVER!!!! Lynda Carter speech. 5 creative crews. 5 stories.  Pin-ups.  And the Definition of a RE-Mix Jim Lee and JMS style.  The Breakdown: Valedictorian  Gail Simone gets the leave the book with George Perez.  This ...

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Wonder Woman is still alive after 600 issues 0

Cover I do not like the cover because it makes Wonder Woman look old for some odd reason. Story The first story all the woman in the Dc Universe has to defeat the robots because the men cannot. Only the woman can defeat them. Wonder Woman goes to Vanessa Kapatelis’s graduation and she is proud of her.   In the second story Powergirl needs help to become a better pet owner and Wonder Woman helps her. In third story Wonder Woman has to save the world with Superman. There is man who wants to have a...

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A wonderful issue for another superhero 0

I'll admit that Wonder Woman is the least of my favorite Superheroes out of the Trinity of Superman and Batman. Unlike those two who celebrated their 700th issue, Wonder Woman celebrates her 600th. And man, what an issue it is.  Pros: This celebration issue is packed with 6 stories each told by different writers. The first story is a short story by Lynda Carter, the person who played Wonder Woman in the live action Tv series about her experience portraying her. Most might overlook this story, bu...

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Great Anniversary Issue! 0

Incredible, complete anniversary issue.   Nicely done.   Now for the Amazonian details. First Impression:  The book is broken down into various splash pages of Wonder Woman in various states of garb, uniform and integrity.   Many of her former artists and writers write the stories in this issue. I've not seen a more jam-packed issue of art and stories in a long time. I like books like this: hardly any ads, and tons of art! Lynda Carter & the First Pages:Lynda Carter, the actress who was Wond...

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Change is in the air 0

I had not been a follower of Wonder Woman prior to George Perez's reboot back in the 80's.  He being my favorite artist at the time, it was a no brainer.  But I dropped the book when he left and didn't look back until Gail Simone took on the Amazon Princess.  Now with this the. re-numbered, 600th issue we have and ending of her run and a beginning of JMS' S run.  There is a light fun story written and drawn by Amanda Conner, a throw back story by Louise Simonson with art by Pansica, and a lead i...

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Wonder Woman - She Can Save The "Entire" World! 0

 Wonder Woman And Her Female Friends! ATTACK! Wonder Woman's 600th Issue is here! Woohooo! You, you, not you (just kidding), are all invited to celebrate this iconic character. Who else really deserves a anniversary issue other than Wonder Woman? Never mind, Batman and Superman already had theirs, now it's time for the symbol of Love and peace. If Superman had a conversation with Wonder Woman, I bet he would talk about her outfit. She practically copies his colors. This has nothing to do wit...

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Wonder Woman #600: The Anniversary To The Future! 0

Here is the belated review of issue 600 of Wonder Woman! Expect issue 601 and 602 to be reviewed also. Everyone (or at least the people who want to read) is invited to celebrate this wonderful anniversary issue of Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is going to have five amazing stories that will make you laugh and cry, however in a good way. This anniversary comic/issue consist of the stories "Valedictorian" which is written by Gail Simone, "Fuzzy Logic" which is written by Power Girl artist Amanda...

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Celebrating Wonder Woman 0

100 Words Or LessA special anniversary issue of Wonder Woman that celebrates the character and introduces the new Wonder Woman with a special prologue. This is the debut of Wonder Woman's new costume.  So Then I Said...I think I heard about Wonder Woman getting a new costume a couple of days before this issue came out. Intrigued, I bought this issue. As my first Wonder Woman comic, it served to introduce the character to me and give a little background on who she is and her place in the DC Unive...

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Monumental Event 0

 It’s a monumental event for the Amazing Amazon who I’ve adored over two decades as Wonder Woman celebrates her 600 issue! The Amazon Princess’ publisher, DC Comics, commemorates this event with much style with a double-sized issue put together by some of the hottest creators in the comic book industry. The two highlights of #600 are the first and last mini-stories as current WONDER WOMAN writer, Gail Simone, weaves her last tale of DC’s premier heroine with former WONDER WOMAN writer/artist sup...

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Forward or Backward - Just choose one 0

These landmark issues which try to look forward while also looking back often lack enough focus to be considered a really good comic.  Of DC's Trinity only Batman had a 600th issue which advanced a major plotline (I belive it was the beginning of Legacy.)  In Action comics 600 Superman and Wonder Woman kiss and discuss whether they should be a couple.  In fact there are a couple or parallels between this and AC 600.  A teamup between Diana and Clark, and the beginning of a new direction for the...

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So much noise for this? 0

When they announced that Wonder Woman #600 was going to be special tih so many guests I expected something really, good, better than the last crap they published of her fighting space Amazons. You knowm those 80 pages specials. But what do I get? 4 different stories. 1. The first story shows WW leading a group of women that is attacking Washington D.C.. When the fight finishes she goes to the graduation of Vanessa Kapatelis. That's right. Like nothing happened minutes before. 2. A story involvin...

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