ms__invisible's Wonder Woman #6 - Love and Murder, Part 1 review

Wonder Woman Can't Buy Coffee

Secret agent Diana Prince is to bring in Wonder Woman, which may pose a problem seeing as she is Wonder Woman. The focus on this issue is Diana and her difficulty in Man's World, which is a strange continuity seeing as in this issue, she can't use a credit card, pump gas or buy a cup of coffee. Strangely enough, she can use a turnstile. The poses in this comic are a bit to corny but the art is attractive and makes the comic easy to follow, directing your eyes easily to the next panel. They are also using the same bad guy, but maybe this is just the icing on top and more riveting truths will be revealed later on.


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    I had no expectations going into the new arc but I was really hoping that for the first time, a female writer could do justice to Wonder Woman, one of my earliest childhood heroes. I have never read any of Picoult's novels but the reviews of her latest novel left me thinking she might WW very dark and somewhat Bat-ish, which I'd still read to see if I liked it. I'm willing to give anything a shot at this point.I was very surprised and impressed with Picoult's first issue of WW. I was not expecti...

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    As opposed to other issues in the relaunch which have made references to Wonder Woman publication past, this one sort of takes a "breaking the fourth wall" approach in discussing Diana's place in the DC universe.  First of all  the Wonder Woman milkshake has been discontinued in lieu of a Black Canary milkshake at a fast food stand Diana and Tom go to, and then when looking at superhero memorabilia Diana notices how Wonder Woman items are on sale and Tom explains that people just don't like her ...

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