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I had no expectations going into the new arc but I was really hoping that for the first time, a female writer could do justice to Wonder Woman, one of my earliest childhood heroes. I have never read any of Picoult's novels but the reviews of her latest novel left me thinking she might WW very dark and somewhat Bat-ish, which I'd still read to see if I liked it. I'm willing to give anything a shot at this point.

I was very surprised and impressed with Picoult's first issue of WW. I was not expecting funny but holy cow -- there it is! Look out! There are some pretty subtle bits of humour like when the "Wonder Woman Milkshake" is crossed out on a menu and "Black Canary Shake" is written in under it (later explained by the cafe clerk). I'm not sure how much direction she gave the artist; each team can vary from writers being explicit about every detail of every panel from writers that allow the artists to create all the visuals. If you're a product of the 80's you probably caught the poster for a Michael Bolton/Kenny G concert tour called Big Hair Tour.

If Diana had only just come to the western world then I could see her having difficulty with things like the subway, gas pumps and credit cards but seriously -- here's where I didn't like the writing. Diana has been living among us and among men for quite some time. She would have heard of things like this before. And it's not like she lived as Wonder Woman 24/7, at least not in the cartoons which I'm more familiar with. If Bruce, Diana and John wanted to go out to a diner, the didn't go in costume. In this way, Diana behaves like an alien that just landed moments ago and having been an employee of the Dept of Metahuman Affairs and having lived here for a while, this part is just not fluent with the story.

I loved it for the fresh look at WW and for the truth in writing about she's just not as popular as Superman and never will be. Her toys are marked down and this is what it's really like. If you missed #1-5, skip them and go right for #6.


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