razzatazz's Wonder Woman #55 - Psycho Path review


 It is rare that something surprises me in comics but this issue surprised me (all the more surprising as I have read it before.)   Dr. Psycho is at work having infiltrated the minds of Diana, Julia, Vanessa and even Hermes.   He has been playing with them for some time, and manipulating them without them knowing it.   What was exceptionally weird (and the surprise) was what he plans to do to Helen, Vanessa’s guidance counselor.   Diana and Hermes are eventually able to track Dr. Psycho using Vanessa’s mind as a pathway.    I have never been a very big Dr. Psycho fan.   Something about him is so generic that he seems like almost a token super villain, but this story was actually quite well written.   It reminds the reader that Perez is capable of crafting a great story even though the series at the moment is bogged down by too much background plot and not enough heroics.    


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