razzatazz's Wonder Woman #53 - Welcome To My Nightmare review


 This issue has a plot device which is not used very often, but is still often enough to be a bit of a cliché.   Various action is shown with the characters   - Diana interacting with Harmonia, Diana interacting with Amazons, and Hermes being rescued by Diana.    The way it is set up though you never are sure when the characters are dreaming and when not, or whether waking up from a dream is itself only a dream.    There is also a background story running with some detectives working on murder cases that are showing up in museums where the Amazons have been visiting.   While the format of the dreams might not fit every where, I feel it works well here as a lead-in to discovering whatever malevolent force has been at work the past few issues.   It does create some confusion but I think that is kind of the point.  


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