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Extra-sized issue! Festivities and preparations galore as Queen Hippolyte and the Amazons journey to man's world.

Man's World and the Amazons meet at last!

Queen Hippolyta prays to the gods as the sun rises, Cydippe calls her back into the temple. Hippolyta talks about how times they have seen the sun go down, and remembers the day when her daughter, Diana was born. Cydippe comments on how depressed Hippolyta seems right now; Hippolyta replies that she is a little nervous. Cydippe then asks Hippolyta how the talk with Menalippe went. Hippolyta replies that everything went fine, though she realises that there is something missing in Menalippe's eyes. Perhaps their pilgrimage will bring back whatever is missing in her.

The both of them ride back to the temple to being the pilgrimage. Menalippe performs a ceremony for the Summit, and begins the ceremony by blessing the Amazons who are about to enter Man's World. They all salute with the Amazonian salute as their bracelets "clank" together. An Amazon, Niobe, comments on how Menalippe sounds, as if she has lost all energy to speak properly like she used to. Penelope replies Menalippe has been doing this for a long time now. Niobe says that Menalippe had faith in the gods because she was sure they were still there to hear her; right now, Menalippe going to Man's World doesn't seem right. Penelope, with a concerned look on her face asks Niobe if she feels that Menalippe is not fit to be an oracle? Hellene joins the conversation, hoping to tone down the tension. She urges everyone to calm down; there is no need to fight, because it is a stressful time now. Iphthime joins as well and supports Hellene, adding that while others may seem positive about all this, she is still skeptical. Hippolyta interrupts and tells them just how desperately they need to get themselves out there. She turns to Diana, and tells her to tell Man's World that the Amazons are coming to Man's World! Later that morning, Myrrha hands Diana her travelling bag, and Diana admits to the nervousness. Menalippe tells Diana that there is no need to be nervous. Diana then hugs her mother goodbye and flies off.

The next day, at New York, the city hears of the coming Amazons and the excitement is certainly in the air. Vanessa Kapatelis watches all of it below from the hotel room above. She asks Diana if Hippolyta will understand all this, and Diana replies that she is sure she will. Julia then steps in the room with her new outfit and tells Vanessa that her own outfit is in her room. Vanessa, excited, goes inside to change. Diana comments on Vanessa's happiness. Julia agrees that Vanessa has been happier these days, though feels guilty for spending too much time away from her daughter and feels that Vanessa hasn't had the chance to have a normal childhood. Julia realises what she has implied and apologises. Diana says it is fine. Since she was born to bring these two cultures - Amazons and Man's World - together, it is soon going to be complete, and what will she do next? She cannot keep bringing herself into Julia's and Vanessa's life, and keep bringing them to danger. Julia replies, and says that it okay. She does not regret adventures they have gone through together. She then asks Diana if she has asked her mother what she thinks of this. Diana replies and says that she does not know. Julia tells her that she is insulting Hippolyta and her if she thinks she does not have to tell her. Diana replies and says she does not honestly know. She then goes to the phone to call Donna Troy. Terry answers on the other side. Diana, surprised, asks where Donna is. Terry replies by saying that she is on one of her missions, and that she has been gone for a few days, so they might not be able to attend the banquet. Diana hangs up and wonders if Donna is alright; Terry sounded very concerned on the phone, and hoped that Donna would be able to meet Hippolyta. Vanessa then steps out of the room with her new outfit; Julia is taken aback by how beautiful she looks. Diana bids goodbye as she has one more thing to do.

At the Air Force base in Massachusetts, Etta Candy watches the TV on the reports of the Summit, and is glad she is able to attend. She makes her way to the corridor, hoping to miss General Yedziniak on the way out, but he catches her before she can leave. He tells her to report for duty tomorrow morning. Etta reminds him that she has the Summit to attend, and the General retorts back, saying that they have spent enough time focusing on the "foreigners". She wonders how she is going to tell Steve about his now.

In Oklahoma, Wonder Woman speaks to Hermes out in the farming field. Wonder Woman comments on Hermes looking so weary. Hermes replies, saying that this experience as a mortal has been an interesting one, one that he has underestimated. Wonder Woman suggests that he become a god again, and hold the Caduceus. He should use his powers to lead the Amazons to the turning point of their destiny. Hermes refuses, saying that it is important for her to keep it. Wonder Woman refuses as well. She says that the gods have left them, and she will not let Hermes leave them as well. She mentions Menalippe, and how she has lost faith in the gods now. Diana reminds him that it would be better if he held the Caduceus. With that Hermes holds out his hands which causes a glowing energy to form around Wonder Woman's belt, where the Cadeceus' symbol is kept. A transformation then takes place.

At Ed Indelicato's apartment, he packs his bags as he too is going to New York to attend the Summit. His detective parter, Mike Shands teases him about his novel, in which Ed mentions Wonder Woman many times.

At Metropolis, Clark Kent sits at his desk and reads the newspaper report on the Summit. He wonders if he should should call her, for the sake of catching up on old times. A work mate of his comes up to him and asks why he isn't at the Summit as well. He replies that Lois had been chosen for reporting on the story. On the TV is Lois, being interviewed by another reported who asks about the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and how they plan to outdo the Feast of Five. Lois confirms that and says that security has also increased, to stop any intruders coming through, hopefully preventing the chaos that Eris caused. It is also rumoured that Superman is to attend, though nobody is sure how many superheroes who are coming has been confirmed.

At the Justice League headquarters, Guy Gardner turns off the television, disproving of this Summit. Fire agrees. Black Canary tells them to be quiet; she tells that Diana wants them to be apart of it. Red Rocket and Martian Manhunter agree. They had allowed her to join without considering her own diplomatic duties. What they are doing is only fair.

On Themyscira, the Amazons have gone to sleep, and Menalippe hears a voice. She opens her eyes to find Hermes standing in front of her, in his god gear, holding his Cadeceus. She bows and blames the lack of faith of the gods had allowed Eris to cause the trouble she had planned. Hermes holds her head up, telling her that is was not her fault. She starts to sob, but Hermes hugs her, and tells her that it is not her fault. Menalippe straightens herself up and her tears stop. At New York, Diana looks up into the sky and sees a new star shine. Diana smiles, knowing that Menalippe has been saved.

At dawn, Lois reports on the energy of the many people there, saying that there is a lot of buzz in the air. Etta, Steve, Vanessa and Julia attend. Etta asks Steve on how he got General Yedziniak to let her go. Steve explains that General Hilary owed him a favour, and Hilary outranks Yedziniak. Asmund Lindel then steps up to the podium to say a speech. He talks of the privilege he was allowed to visit their island. He speaks of positive things of the island; peace and love, without any hate. Diana, in her hotel room, continues to listen to the speech. She adjusts her cloak, when a familiar voice offers her help adjusting it. Wonder Woman turns around and smiles at Superman. He gives her a pep talk, and flies out the window. Diana then continues listening to Asmund's speech, and on cue, she flies out the window, where the crowds roar. She touches down near the podium, and the crowd is quiet. They wait for her to say something, but just then, Hermes flies out from the river and uses his Cadeceus to create a portal, which many Amazons walk through with Hippolyta leading. As Hippolyta is about to make her first step on Man's World, she stops and raises her arms. Wonder Woman assumes they are to do the Amazonian salute, but instead, they remove their bracelets instead, dropping them on the floor. Artemis had chained them to their bracelets, to remind them to never make a mistake again. Up until now, they realise that those days of fear are over. The Amazons step onto the stage and the crowd roars once again. The crowd then falls silent. She steps up to the podium, and thanks them for inviting them. Asmund then tells Hippolyta that they would like to give a gift; Julia then stands up and gives them a casket and asks the queen to accept their gift. Hippolyta opens it, to find an object, the Goblet of Heracles inside. Hippolyta is confused by such a cup; Oracle explains that it was the day that Heracles drug them. Asmund then explains that that cup was used to deceive them, and so today, let it be that that cup illustrate their trust for each other. Wine is poured and the both of them drink from it. Hippolyta says to crowd that she wishes the same things as Asmund, and with that, she salutes. The crowd roars and Wonder Woman hugs her mother, overwhelmed by all this peace. There will no doubt be problems in the future, but for now, they celebrate the peace.

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