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Paradise Island is unhappy as well as the Amazons as Ares is taking over Man’s World, and his influence is obviously growing as the flowers in Themyscira start dying. Menalippe stares into her cauldron and Hippolyta impatiently waits for the future. Hippolyta suspects that she is hiding something and as can only tell her about the evil that lies underneath this island. Why does Apollo not answer their prayers? Meanwhile in Mount Olympus, Artemis tries to wake her brother, Apollo up. He accuses him of being a coward, but Hermes replies saying that he usually takes a pragmatic approach to most situations. Artemis says that they should face their fate on their feet, not lying down. Artemis refuses to believe that this is happening to her but Athena responds that it is up to Diana to save them.

On Man’s World, Steve Trevor is still considered a murderer and at a press conference General Sam Tolliver claims that he is a spy. The whereabouts of Wonder Woman are still unknown as the police offer a reward for anyone that has some information on her. Unknown to the public, Diana is at Julia Kapatelis’ house caring for Etta treating the bump in her head. She asks Colonel Michaelis what is going on and Michaelis apologises and said that he had startled her and she tripped. Steve also wants to help Diana, but it is up to her with what to do next. Etta is confused, so Diana produces the Talisman and tells them that is has something to do with this. Etta disagrees and brings out the file that she stole. Diana reads it and finds it says “The Ares Project”.

Under Earth, Deimos holds his Talisman and feels the excitement that their plan will finally take off. Phobos however still feels worthless for failing to please his father and intends to do something about it.

Hours later at the Kapatelis house, Julia is trying to decipher it if and Diana asks if she has deciphered it. Apparently, the marks translate into geometric patterns with a focal point in the Vulture. Diana tells Julia to go to sleep and she feels that this pattern looks familiar. She wonders if the others can help, but they are fast asleep as Steve had pinned up a chart. The chart looks exactly like the mark on the Talisman. She wakes the others, claiming that she has found the answer.

Elsewhere, General Tolliver and his troops take over a secret military factory.

Back at the winter retreat, everyone is around a map. It seems that when the mirror image of the Talisman is held over the map it marks the bloodiest battles of Ancient Greece and when it is laid over the map of Earth, it points to all these nuclear bases. It then points to the upper Midwestern United States and must be the focal point for the Ares Project.

Colonel Michaelis phones General Hillary telling him that the world is at stake, then General Hillary’s aide bursts in to inform him that one of their military bases has been taken over by rogue troops. The base is also ready for a nuclear launch. Michealis, hearing this over the phone tells him that it is too late. Steve finds out and plans to stop him, but they need a plan first. Diana comes out in her costume and tells them that they need to find the other half of the Talisman because joining them will lead her to Ares. Diana says that this is her job, but Julia insists that they come along. Even though Diana says no, Steve, Etta and Michaelis grab their weapons, and Diana realises that her friends will stand by her no matter what. Diana wonders why they do so when they are so frail compared to her. As Diana slowly connects the Talisman in the mirror, and Etta questions why they put so much faith in her. Steve cannot explain, but Diana reminds him of his mother. The Talisman touches it’s reflection in the mirror, and the world then turns totally upside down, where it is hot as Hell and as cold as ice. Then, they find themselves in the domain of Deimos. He also convinces Diana to try and get the other half of the amulet. Julia then asks Diana who he is and he introduces himself as Deimos, “son of Ares, Master of Duplicity and Sovereign of the Serpents!” Then, several snakes attack Diana causing her to drop the amulet. Julia picks it up as Steve fires on the snakes. The others join in on the fight, and Phobos watches on. Even though Phobos does not really enjoy his brother’s company, he cannot see him be beaten by mortals. He uses his powers to bring up the things that they fear the most. Diana finishes up on the snakes and goes for the large cat in which Michealis fears and hits it with a mighty punch. Michealis tells Steve that he will take care of his fear, and that Steve should help the others. Julia’s fear was drowning and Diana saves her from it while Steve digs Etta out, as her fear is being buried alive. Phobos is about to attack him but before he can, Michaelis fires upon him allowing Steve to save Etta. She is free, but Phobos then unleashes his power on them.

Deimos tells Wonder Woman that her friends cannot stand up to the gods. Wonder Woman lays Julia on the ground, exclaiming that she does not fear him. Deimos disagrees however and turns her hair into snakes and her snake hairs inject their venom into them. Julia says that she will help, but Diana rejects her help, saying that she must defeat him alone. She looks around, and her friends are unconscious. She then uses her tiara to cut through her hair and then decapitating Deimos. Wonder Woman goes over to his dead corpse and takes the other half of the amulet from him and Phobos flees. Julia asks what they shall do as the others come to. The amulet comes together and they vanish into the control room of a missile base surrounded by General Tolliver’s troops. He points towards a screen to show a missile that is preparing to launch and tell them to witness his victory. The missile is then surrounded in a strange light, and the weapon takes on a new form. Wonder Woman knows to well who this is: Ares.

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