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In it, Wonder Woman learns that a new women's movement has begun, inspired by her killing of Max Lord - and leaving Diana torn between the good intentions of the movement and the validation it gives her violent act. Worse yet, she's ordered to investigate a possible connection between Wonder Woman and this movement by Sarge Steel and the department of Metahuman Affairs!

This issue does not pick up after the events of issue 4

Because Wonder Woman is still a fugitive, the Department of Metahuman Affairs is concerned over the spread of the Athenian Women's Help Shelter. It seems that several of the women have some connection to Wonder Woman. Their tapes mention being inspired by her and so forth. Diana is sent to one to see if there actually is a connection. This works out for Diana because she is also curious.

As she meets with the director of the shelter (who too was a victim inspired after seeing Wonder Woman in action), a call is put through to the shelter. A woman is reporting her violent husband but is cut off. Diana tells them to call the police as she heads out to see if she can use her "government connections" to get someone there sooner.

Wonder Woman arrives just as a man named Joey is taking out his anger on his wife. He is almost relieved to see Wonder Woman. It turns out he used to be a costumed rogue and sees taking Wonder Woman out as an opportunity. He attempts to shoot her despite her warning. The bullet bounces off her braclet and hits him in the shoulder. Wonder Woman grabs him by the neck, tells him he will surrender and confess to everything, never see his wife again, and throws him out through the door. She then takes the woman to the shelter.

Back at headquarters, Diana reports that there is no connection between Wonder Woman and the shelter. She says the only connection is Wonder Woman gives those women a reason to fight back and a reason to live.

At the police station, an officer prepares to bring in a court-appointed lawyer to speak with Joey. He has confessed to beating his wife along with plenty more. He has made it clear that he does not want to see the outside world again. As they open the door, they find a bloody mess with parts of Joey ripped out and thrown across the locked holding room.

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Women.... 0

While I have more than fond memories of me drooling over George Perez's magnificent resurrection of the Wonder Women character in the early 90s, I remembered that he focused on one primary thing, which was Wonder Woman's Godhood and her being adamant on following the ways of the Gods. The constant threats of the Zeus' and Hades' rarely gave her time to contemplate what it was like to be a human. Whatever human tendencies she displayed was subtly done and we understood it. She did not, if ever, ...

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