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The dynamic duo of Wonder Woman and Troia encounter the werebeasts in the New York City sewer system, while Circe's plan comes to fruition.

Diana meets Donna for the first time thanks to some dreams that bring them together, and it turns out that Circe was all behind it! What will happen in this issue, with Circe returning more powerful than ever?!

Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead!

Circe asks Wonder Woman if this is what she had mind - her being the one being involved with her dreams. She continues on, saying that this is merely the beginning. Finding Donna Troy was never the solution to getting rid of her nightmares. Andros, the man recently turned into a man-beast leaps for Donna Troy. Diana tells her get out of the way, but Donna is too late and it makes contact with her, tackling her to the ground. Diana tackles the beast off from Donna herself but is beaten down. The beast turns its attention to the van, and Donna makes a forcefield around Gregori and herself. Donna tells Diana that she can't fight the beast and create this forcefield, so she will have to use her lasso to tie the beast up. Gregori yells that the only way to stop Andros is to kill him, but Wonder Woman thinks that there must be another way to stop him. Diana grabs Andros' throat and applies pressure to a pressure point and renders him unconscious. They bring him back to Gregori's hideout where Donna apologises for freezing when they got attacked. Diana says it's fine, because she had had a similar experience with her lasso and one of those beasts. Diana then realises that Andros was merely a boy and chastises Gregori for asking her to kill him. Gregori replies that he wasn't thinking clearly and it was an act of desperation. The boy, now conscious, starts weeping because of the curse which plagues him. He wishes that he was free from Circe's curse. Upon hearing the name, Diana demands to know where she is hiding. Gregori tells her that she had left Cephalonia. Gregori says that he and Andros had been foolish to think that the curse had been truly broken. He had been trying to get in contact with Donna and Diana for a while now.

In New York City, Theo and Anna have been digging at a certain site. They have been digging for hours now and Anna thinks that this is perhaps the wrong site. Theo says that it isn't; this is exactly what the Titans described. Just then, he finds something and then says that perhaps the witch is not immortal after all. He says once they're finished here, they can finish off Circe for sure this time. They have dug up a stone door, and behind that, is the object that will help them defeat Circe. Together, they transform into Centaur and Cat.

Donna and Diana are flying to a man named Theophilos Ventouras. Donna asks Diana whether this is the best plan. He did after all lead Circe's werebeasts against her, and this may be a trap if they meet up. Diana suggests that Donna is free to go home, but she refuses, saying that a Titan always stands up to what they are up against. After all, she wants to see what the resolve is. And after that, they can get to the niceties as her husband, Terry is very anxious to meet Diana. Donna cannot wait to meet Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis and her Amazonian sisters.

On Themyscira, the Amazons Euboea, Philippus visit Hippolyta. A little distracted, Hippolyta apologises for doing so and Pythia asks if she's concerned about Diana. Hippolyta says that she and is concerned about Diana's dreams. She has never had nightmares to the degree of what she is going through right now. Philippus suggests she go speak with the oracle, Menalippe, but Hippolyta refuses, saying that she has her own problems to deal with. However, Pythia agrees with Philippus says that she really should go see Menalippe about Diana's dreams. Later on, Hippolyta arrives at the temple and greets Penelope, asking how Menalippe goes. Hippolyta points out that she certainly been focusing on her praying ever since the Gods left them.

In the sewers, Theo and Anna make their way into the room with the artefact. He then hears his name being called and turns around to see Donna and Diana. Theo tells them to leave. He will not have her stop them. He has spent too much time researching this to get here. He then recounts his adventure in researching and finding this place: He had remembered making his way into Circe's library, researching information and finding a way to get rid of Circe. Then, Wonder Woman had come to Cephalonia and he thought that she would be able to get rid of Circe, but she didn't. If it hadn't been for Wonder Woman, Julia Kapatelis may have been able to kill Circe! But Wonder Woman had stopped Julia from shooting Circe. He then saw Circe disappear in the light and he was angry with the rebels who thought that Wonder Woman had killed Circe. He then found out that his younger brother, Andros, had gone to join a cult which believed that Wonder Woman had killed Circe. If they only they really knew. Him and his lover, Anna, had moved to New York and he had stopped turning in those werebeasts. One night while working, he had saw the hair on his hands, and he ran home to see Anna turned into a cat. They then read of Donna in New York battling the Scourge. Donna and Diana acknowledge this name. Wonder Woman then explains that Circe had gone to Qurac to learn about turning men into beasts. She then realises something else that Theo wrote down, something that she didn't understand. But now she does, and that is the antidote! Theo remembers telling Andros to go retrieve his notes, but Gregori had already found out about them, and told Andros to tell Diana and Donna to help Theo. Wonder Woman tells Theo there is no cure; it is all lies. Just then, Anna comes out and apologises for not being able to defeat Circe. Wonder Woman says it is obvious that Circe wanted them all in one place so that she could get rid of them. Circe appears on the monitor and says that they cannot defeat her. And they were fools to think so in the first place. Just then, the ship begins to fall apart, and Wonder Woman suggest that they hurry and leave. Donna then points out skeletons and Diana uses her lasso to break one of the skeletons in half, but the bottom half just keeps advancing. Theo tells them to leave, as he is the one Circe really wants. A skeleton then attacks Theo. Anna attacks the skeleton that attacks Theo, but she herself pays the price when another skeleton attacks her torso. In a rage, Theo throws off the skeleton and attacks it.

Wonder Woman and Donna are too busy fighting their own group of enemies. As Theo is impaled by the skeleton, he smashes the skeleton's head. He tells them both that destroying their heads will finish them for good. With Anna gone, Donna asks why Theo had sacrificed himself like this, and Wonder Woman replies that he merely wanted to be with her. Donna tends to Anna and tells her that she can go to healers on Paradise Island, but Anna tells her that it's over now. Anna tells her that Theo never realised what he was sacrificing when he wanted to remove the curse; he was sacrificing his so much to become human. Donna turns around to see Theo in his real form, which is a horse! Donna and Diana bury the both of them, and Diana wonders if Anna had led him here on purpose because she couldn't tell him the truth, that he would never turn into a normal human. Later, Diana apologises for not this not being the best meeting so could have hoped for. They both realise that they need to part their ways. They both hug, and Donna reassures Diana that they will no doubt meet in the future.

Diana makes his back home to the Kapatelis house and greets Julia, apologising for not talking to Vanessa just yet. She asks if Vanessa has been talking yet, and Julia says that she has been talking a little, but before she can go to Vanessa, there are some visitors in the lounge room. Diana walks in to see Donna and her husband Terry. And a surprise, Donna's stepsister, Cindy. She thought that Vanessa could do with another friend, seeing as they are the same age. Cindy and Vanessa are upstairs talking, and Cindy says that she understands Vanessa because Donna had to go out on missions all the time. She understands the fear that Vanessa is going through. But it is Donna's job, being a big time superheroine and all. Vanessa replies that Diana always says she's not a hero - at least it's what she says. She then asks Cindy how she deals with it. Cindy replies that Donna had asked her if she would be happier if Donna had not been in her life. Cindy replied that she would rather know Donna, even with the risks it involves. Vanessa weeps and says that she does not want Diana to die. Cindy hugs her and says that it's what it's all about - being a sister and having faith in her.

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