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The fate of Lois Lane and the rest of the delegates rests with Diana--but can Wonder Woman break free of Eris' clutches?

Eris's plans finally come to a standstill as Wonder Woman, the Amazons and the delegates work together and understand a greater understanding of peace.

Lois is stuck in the void and stares down at Wonder Woman in awe. She tells the others who have not reached her yet to get help. Meanwhile, Eris who watching all the chaos unfold throws an apple down into the void and an explosion of white light opens up a portal which shows what’s happening on Themyscira – Amazons fighting each other. Lois tells Eris that this will end and the Amazons will do so as well. Eris throws another apple into the blackness and many serpent heads make their way up to the unsuspecting Rovo Quashi, Robert Cantwell and Lin Koo Teng. The serpent heads make their way over the ledge and grab Cantwell and Lin Koo and are pulled down into the void.

Back in America, Steve asks what happened to Hermes’ Cadeceus. He replies that he had to give it to Wonder Woman so she could cross the void between Man’s World and Themyscira. Steve is furious over that answer, as Wonder Woman wouldn’t be in this position now if Hermes had a backup plan! Hermes then asks what the Air Force would do and Steve replies that they would find the aggressor. Hermes says that that is what he is trying to do. He says it has been more difficult than usual because someone is blocking him, and he vows to stop whoever is doing so.

Back at Themyscira, Lois calls for Diana and asks for her help and she realises that Lois is calling her. But Eris tells Lois that Diana can’t help her. Cantwell asks who Eris is, and she replies that she is the daughter of war, his mother and his aunt. She stands for all chaos and strife. Cantwell then realises that Eris is connected with the Golden Apples and apologises for not spotting this earlier. She tells them not to blame themselves, as she had even fooled the Goddesses, leading to the war in Troy. Now the Amazons are doing the same thing by destroying themselves, as the fruit hides all the barriers of hate. Eris continues to explain how the reporters will now report back to Man’s World with stories of failure and disappointment. Lin Koo races up, yelling that she realises that she is “Wang Mu”, the creator of disease and death. She then slips and is holding onto Cantwell, crying tears of fear. Lois tells her to be brave and she tells her that she is going to help her out. Diana can hear the voice of the people around her and hears a voice calling for her. It’s Rovo Quashi. She telepathically tells him that he should get back to the city. She tells him to listen to her voice and get out of here. He gets onto a horse and the horse makes its way back to the city.

Eris manages to catch the boy escaping and says that whoever wishes to aid Diana will be killed. Meanwhile, Lois has helped Lin Koo regain her balance and she overhears Eris muttering Rovo’s name. Eris summons an image of Menalippe, as if controlling her actions. Cantwell knows that something is about happen involving Rovo and decides to throw an apple towards Eris. It knocks out the apple that Eris is holding. Eris turns to him and tells him that he is sorry for doing so. The Tree of Discord comes to life and feeds on the people’s blood and draining their life force. Lin Koo screams for Wonder Woman to help them out. Wonder Woman hears Lin Koo and replies weakly that she will help them. She then sees a vision in the distance. It is Hermes, telling her that she can nothing here, and that she should focus her energy on Rovo, as he is their only hope.

In the city, Rovo rides through the city as the fighting continues on. Menalippe spots him and raises a spear to throw at him, though Hellene stops her and tells her that they will not harm the helpless. Penelope then knocks Hellene out. Rovo makes it to safety and the two Amazons run after him. Hippolyta is watching all this and sees Hellene unconscious and questions what they are doing.

Inside, Menalippe and Penelope look for Rovo. They go inside a room to kill the boy, when they find an ghost-like version of Hermes, telling them to not kill mortals. If they ever will, they will be sorry for doing so. He tells them to wake up and realise what they are doing. They must stop what they are doing or else he will finish off the job for them. The Amazons run out as Hermes falls to the ground, as his energy used to disguise Rovo has sucked the life out of him. Rovo is revealed to be holding Wonder Woman’s costume. Rovo communicates with Diana, asking what he should do next. Diana tells him to find her mother and tell her to go to Doom’s Doorway. Hippolyta and a few other Amazons find Rovo. She asks Rovo where her daughter is, while Diana pleads for Hermes to make them understand. She questions why her god would leave her in her most desperate hour of need.

Back in America, Hermes collapses, Steve realises that Hermes needs a good earned rest.

On Themyscira, something is happening to the three as Wonder Woman who is integrated in to the tree starts blinking, as if she is alive again. Eris looks through the portal and sees Themyscira opening its eyes and she sees the Amazons drop their weapons. Many of the people who were fighting realise what they were doing. Timandra realised she had knocked down Henri Claude Tibet, and helps him back up again. Alan Witherspoon drops his weapons as well and Menalippe sees what happens and says that the Amazons cannot stand for this. Other delegates join in and agree with Menalippe.

Eris, watching through the portal, cries out in anger as she realises that her plan has been foiled. Eris turns to Wonder Woman and tells her that this isn’t over. However, Wonder Woman’s hand move and the four delegates with her cheer encouragement while Eris yells in frustration. The tree explodes and Diana sets herself free from the tree and makes her way in front of Eris. She flies towards her friends and helps them, ripping away the branches holding Cantwell, Lois and Lin Koo. Eris tells them that the apple feeds the animal within them that creates hate in everyone, including Wonder Woman! But Diana replies that for every beast, there is a lamb. The apple that Eris was holding bursts into flames and screams of pain. Wonder Woman carries the four back to safety and Lois asks what Wonder Woman had done to that apple. Wonder Woman says she did nothing. Cantwell explains that without hate, the apples can do nothing and Diana tells them to let go of their anger as that is the only way home.

She leaves the four on the ledge to safety and Wonder Woman flies back to Eris, who fires her own energy blast at Wonder Woman. She blocks them in time to block to attack but she gets thrown back into a wall. Wonder Woman keeps defending Eris’ energy blasts while Lois watches on. Wonder Woman is holding them back and she wonders how she can fight back without anymore destruction. She calls Athena for help. Eris tells Wonder Woman that her gods can do nothing for her. Eris thinks to finish the fight off with a blast to Wonder Woman’s head. Just in time, she blocks it. Then, Eris is surrounded by the Amazons. Hippolyta carries a bow and an arrow which hangs around Wonder Woman’s lasso. Hippolyta fires the bow into the tree trunk, as Wonder Woman grabs the lasso. She wraps it around the tree, as the Tree of Discord cannot stand the heat of the truth of the lasso, and the tree bursts into flames. Eris throws herself into the void below and Diana dives down, wondering what is going on with the goddess. Eris shouts back that she has a different path to hers and says goodbye to Diana, adding that she is definitely something different, one for the Olympians. A huge explosion happens, signifying her disappearance. The explosion however makes the chamber unstable. Hippolyta calls out that Diana has been killed, but Diana makes it out of the rocks buried on top of her and Hippolyta reaches for her hand and pulls her out. When all is well, Lois tells Diana that she beat Eris, but Diana replies that they all beat Eris. All the Amazons and delegates feel a sense of a well-deserved victory as they come together and this is what perhaps drives humanity. That there is a promise, a promise of peace.

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 For the third issue in a row this story is told from the vantage point of ’s article.   Here the outsiders to have found Diana and the one who has been pulling the strings in the chaos that has befallen the festivities.    This has turned out to be Eris   (Ares’ daughter) who is trying to complete what her father started by making mankind tear itself apart.   Diana fights against her imprisonment until free and then uses her lasso on Eris which stops her once she discovers the truth about huma...

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