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It just gets better & better... that is... for us!

Gail Simone is really working out for this book, and, as we say, she really outdid herself in the past two years! 
Since issue #14, she's been working on Wonder Woman and her work is finally paying off! Of course, Lopestri's art is also helping for that, but this issue... wow. This issue REALLY is something! 
If you love reading about little perfect kids who are in fact crazy psycopaths and Sin incarnate, pick it up. These five little imps are influencing people to do bad bad stuff, and it's up to Wonder Woman to stop them! Of course, that's not as easy with Powergirl influenced by them that all of this is Wonder Woman's doing! 
Wait a minute... 5 little imps? Didn't Ares have 5 little boys last issue? Oho! This means trouble!! 
Definately pick this issue up, it's worth the price!
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