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When the all-new Wonder Woman encounters the Cheetah, Giganta and Dr. Psycho, she discovers that Wonder Woman's Rogues Gallery has undergone a radical transformation! Even Dr. Poison, Dr. Cyber and Osira are somehow more powerful and deadlier than ever before. But who is responsible for these magical makeovers? And will this army of revitalized rogues be too much for the gods' newest champion? Find out as WONDER WOMAN goes bimonthly in Part 4 of the 5-part epic "Who Is Wonder Woman?"

Now that Circe is in posession of the powers of three Wonder Women, she's been taking her battle against evil men. Diana meets with Donna, Cassie, and the Justice Society. They talk about forming a super hero army to take her on. Diana wishes to do things differently.

As Diana leaves, she runs into Hercules, who has also lost his powers. The two head towards Circe's Greek Island home in her updated "invisible jet."

On the island, Circe has been waiting for them. Diana manages to get her lasso of truth back as Circe retreats. In her temple, they find the incantation they need Circe to recite to reverse the power loss spell.

Circe, once again, is prepared and uses Cassie's Lasso of Lightning which subjects Diana to her own rage. Hercules manages to knock Circe out and Diana binds Circe in the Lasso of Truth.

Hercules reveals himself to have been working with Circe until she betrayed him. Now he plans to be the only God among them. Hercules is going to force Circe to recite a spell that would give him all the power. Diana and Circe know how that would have to happen. In order for Circe to make that spell, she has to reverse the previous spell. Diana becomes Wonder Woman once more.

With Circe bound in the Lasso of Truth and Hercules in the Lasso of Lightning, things look to be at an end until Cheetah, Giganta, and others arrive to take on Wonder Woman.

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Who is Wonder Woman? 0

Donna Troy is meant to be Wonder Woman and we were guessing it would stay that way. But then in Justice League #0 and #1 Diana had become the new Wonder Woman, and so that surprise was already ruined. In this issue, it's clear that Diana is the focus as with issues #2 and #3, the attention turned away from Donna. This issue gives the journey of that and the title gives many meanings which the readers can decipher. Diana is trying to re-establish herself as the good superheroine that everyone kno...

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Diana Returns 0

The covers on this book just continue to get better and better.  The good thing is, it seems that the interior art has also improved quite a bit from the last issue. No more oddly shaped hips. The story, has certainly been given a few thousand volts of goodness. Heck, I didn't even find the character of Herculese as much of a bore as I did for the last issue. The book this time around, is just filled with action, and manages to keep a hold on its story and characters as well. I would probably ha...

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Talking it out 0

The relaunch so far has been going just about as well as a Wonder Woman fan could hope with a lot of action, and good plots to drive them, while making some references to Wonder Woman's past.  This issue started off well.  Circe has stolen Diana's, Donna's and Cassie's powers but Diana doesn't back down.  Even depowered she goes to get them back herself.  Even Hercules showing up didn't completely throw off the momentum.  About halfway through though I thought the issue was going to revert to so...

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