wonderbea's Wonder Woman #4 - Blood review

Best Wonder woman so far

Being a devoted Wonder woman fan, I've read EVERY SINGLE ARC she's appeared in. No kidding, and this, I must say, aside from Rucka's run, is the most interesting take on the Amazon princess so far.

The Good: We've seen Diana as a rebel (JMS run), a diplomat (Rucka's run) and a Love-struck issue ridden princess (Simone's run), all of which are equally good reads. But please, Azarello has Wonder woman with a gritty side, as in grittier than usual. She listens to rock music and goes to concerts for de-stressing herself. She treats Strife with no mercy and is actually called a "bitch". Why is this good? Its good because, this is the most interesting, and most heart wrenching change Diana has gone through yet. As we all know, the time frame of the events in this comic book issue is set 5 years later from the Justice League time line. We can see in JLA no.3 that she has no idea about human life and culture, and has just met Steve Trevor. I'm talking about ultimate noob here, people...and then suddenly she goes off listening to rock music and attending concerts and being acquainted with stuff a modern woman of the human race would know. So it makes you wonder, how different is Diana now than the Diana in the JLA series? We can see how much emotions our Amazon princess has to go through, and thank god for Azarello, this is an ultimately new take on Wonder woman, and I am sure, people will see how perfectly imperfect she can be.

The Bad: Even though Azarello does make a very very very good story line. He still sticks to his chops by placing the whole Medusa card trick, which, we have seen for the past 70 years. I'm not complaining. But maybe a little bit more variety in the villain and love life section please?

Is this issue better than the previous one? YES

Do I recommend it? YES, BABY. YES!

Posted by xkoenig

Good review. I definitely agree, Wonder Woman as she is portrayed in Justice League is very, very different from how she behaves in this series. It will be interesting to see how Geoff Johns tries to show Diana developing with time in his series.

Posted by wonderbea

@xkoenig: Thank you. I'm just as excited to see her transition as JLA progresses. :D

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