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With Diana held captive by Eris, the spell of the golden apples infiltrates Paradise Island and spreads across the island to all those on it.

Eris' plan are working in perfect order, and Wonder Woman can't possibly help with her own current status; it's up to Lois Lane to save her!

Hermes is having a vision of Diana where she is floating in a void. He holds Diana and he tries to wake her, because that way, he knows she will be safe. Though she does not wake when he calls her name. Bark then splinters her flesh and she is choking from her own foliage. She then disappears and Hermes realises that he must go after her if she is to reclaim her soul. Hermes cries out her name, surprising Steve Trevor while he is driving. Steve asks Hermes what the problem is and he rips the seatbelt and flies across the field calling for Diana.

On Paradise Island, Lois listens to Menalippe who performs the opening ritual but something does not stick with her. Lois stares at Diana who stares back rather coldly. Menalippe finishes speaking but before they can actually begin the feast, Diana stands up and starts addressing the crowd. Diana thanks Menalippe for addressing the crowd and asks everyone to eat the Golden Apples that are placed in front of them. Rovo Quashi is suspicious and tells Lois not to eat them and realises that she is not the only one who is suspicious. Lois and Quashi refuse to eat theirs and Diana asks why. Lois says that she is on a diet.

Back in Man’s World, Hermes is upset about Diana and her soul. Steve walks over and tells Hermes that they need to get to Hackensack by 3pm and asks Hermes to get back into the car. But Hermes refuses saying that her soul is no longer in the mortal plane. Steve asks if she is dead, but Hermes replies that her soul is elsewhere and closes his eyes to search for her again.

On Themyscira, everyone is having fun at the banquet, but Rabbi Hecht throws his meat onto the plate, claiming that it isn’t kosher. One of the Amazons convince him that the meat is done as he likes, but he calls her a liar. He accuses her of poisoning him. Vladimir Morakov tells him to calm down and enjoy it while he can as women are the only thing in which women are good for. The rabbi challenges him to a fight while Phyllis Haller tells him that his comment was inappropriate. Hellene agrees and suggests that the Amazons take over Man’s World. Reverend Alan decides to join in and says this is what happens when natural order isn’t followed. Mnemosyne asks whose natural order it is exactly. Robert Cantwell then joins in and takes the side of the Amazons and believes that the Reverend is disrespecting the Amazon’s beliefs. Henri Claude Tibet interrupts and warns the Reverend to keep his hand off Mnemosyne or else she would sleep with a strange man. The Amazons the accuse him of thinking only about sex. Maritza Nitumbe then accuses Philippe of following a white queen and not standing up for her rights as a coloured person. Cantwell comes in again and Marizta tells him to be quiet. Felix Zumac then accuses them of believing he is responsible just because he is Haitian. Asmund Lindel then stands up and orders everyone to be quiet. Diana stands up and tells him that he has no right to order them around and that the only reason why they are here is because she deemed it okay. Hippolyta joins in as well and reminds her daughter that she is queen.

Lois realises what’s going on and realises that this story would get her into journalism-stardom. She brings out her camera, though Lin Koo Teng grabs it off her, accusing her of being an American journalist and smashes it on the ground. Rovo Quashi tells her to calm down, saying that Lois couldn’t help because she wasn’t in Tiananmen Square. Lin Koo snaps back, saying that he could never feel what it’s like when close friends die. Robert Cantwell then grabs Lin Koo and a fight breaks out between everyone. Cantwell suggests that they get out of here and drags Lin Koo with him. Lois grabs Rovo with her and Diana spots them sneaking out, with a cold face.

In the void, Wonder Woman’s soul is floating around and is watching these arguments and fights and struggles to break free as she wishes to fix the problem. She then falls back into unconsciousness. Steve asks why Hermes cannot connect with Diana and he replies that her hope is cut off from her soul. Without this hope, there is only confusion and despair.

Back on Themyscira, the people fight goes out onto the streets of Themyscira and Lois and the other three who escaped run down an alleyway, straight in Diana. Diana asks Lois if she’s in a hurry to bring in her story and starts mocking her by suggesting some headlines for her story. Diana then says, “This Great Mission of mine. It was all a farce. An act. Designed to prove what miserable people we all really are!” Lois replies that she is the only miserable person on this island but Rovo points out that this isn’t the real Wonder Woman and points out the way Wonder Woman is acting right now, as she would never do so if she were her real self. Lois demands to know where the real Wonder Woman is. Diana then asks Lin Koo what she thinks and she replies that she has learned that leaders cannot be trusted. Diana is offended by such comment and lunges for her and Lin Koo runs from her. Diana looks for Lin Koo, and Lois sneaks up on Diana and throws a rock over her head. Diana then grabs Lois by throat, throwing her away. As Lois goes into unconsciousness, she then sees the real Wonder Woman in her vision and she is struggling, as if she is fighting something. All of a sudden, the fake Diana melts into a puddle and Eris watches these events in anger.

Rovo comments on the puddle which smells like the apples that were at the banquet. Lois asks Cantwell if he ate an apple and Cantwell says he didn’t as he is allergic to apples, and Lin Koo at one. Lois points out that the apples may have been tainted. Lin Koo tells her that does not feel any different from what she usually is. Lois tells her to listen to herself, as she can hear the hatred in her voice. Lin Koo doesn’t listen, though, and believes they are following the typical stereotype of a Chinese girl, that they are quiet and polite. Lois adds that between the Rabbi and some other Amazons, an argument had broken out and that she saw apples in the temple too. She also notes that Menalippe had brought the apples in and that Diana was looking for Menalippe. On the street, they hi-jack some horses and make their escape but Philippus spots them. Menalippe orders the Amazons to arrest them and kill them if necessary. The four gallop through the woods and taking several turns to lose their pursuers, they end up in front of the statue at Doom’s Doorway. They see the cave opening Wonder Woman had fell in to and Lin Koo tells them that that had been fully blocked.

Cantwell grabs a torch and tells them that he is going to investigate. They make their way slowly inside and it’s very dark, even with the torch. Rovo hears Wonder Woman’s voice. They follow the voice and Lois begins feeling Wonder Woman’s presence. She pushes the other people aside, determined to find Wonder Woman. Rovo yells a warning, but it is too late as Lois falls through a hole. She grabs a root with one hand and secures a tighter hold for herself. She then sees something in the darkness; it’s Eris standing on a rock beside a tree – and embedded in the tree is Wonder Woman who has been turned into wood.

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 This issue follows the same visit to as has been the case over the previous issues.   Unfortunately this one chose again to use the weird format as the previous – half article, half regular comic book writing.   This one was a little better with the plot, but it is still not a very engaging story.   The visitors have been fed some poisonous apples and now all of their internal bigotry is becoming evident.   Lois and a few others figure out what is going on, and do what they can to help, while...

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