hyperion322's Wonder Woman #36 - Warkiller, Part 1 of 4: Heart Of Fire review

A Unique Aspect of Wonder Woman

Poor Diana! Even being an immensely powerful Amazon doesn't mean you're without real problems and boy, does Wonder Woman have them! Not only has Diana separated herself from her mother, the Amazons, and their deities, but two of her closest friends that she would normally turn to for emotional support, Etta Candy and Donna Troy, are either unable or unwillingly to speak to the former princess. UGH. But who does Diana end up confiding her troubles with? A woman who's tried to kill Wonder Woman many, many times, Giganta! Believe it or not though, Diana has a past of transforming her enemies into allies, even though sometimes briefly, but the list has grown this issue and this remains a unique aspect of Wonder Woman. While the truce between these two foes maybe be temporary, it was great to see Wonder Woman and Giganta side by side, battling usurper, Achilles, and his army of reanimated Argonauts after Diana was summoned by her new patron, Pele (in a very cool scene)! This secondf fight between Wonder Woman and Achilles was again brief, the new champion of Zeus may be a tactical match for Diana and his threat to her and her people is far from over. Good issue! 
~ Hype


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