razzatazz's Wonder Woman #36 - Warkiller, Part 1 of 4: Heart Of Fire review

Why does love always feel like a battlefield?

For an issue whose primary focus is on love, this issue does it quite well using a novel approach mixed in with a lot of humour.  It is mostly focused on Diana dealing with Tom, but she has found an unlikely confidante in Giganta.  After Diana has recounted her romantic troubles she proceeds to a battle field where she battles Achilles.  Meanwhile there are some unexplained pregnancies on Themyscira and some people are having romantic problems of their own.  Gail Simone sometimes has bizarre concepts to drive an issue, sometimes they are quite bizarre and end up a little stunted, and sometimes they hit the mark exactly.  This issue is the latter and is worth the effort (also good was the clever artwork when Tom and Diana were 'inside' the lasso.)

Posted by SC

Is this the one where Diana and Giganta are at the beach? (or near one?) 
Great review! 


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