nerd_of_a_hero's Wonder Woman #35 - Birds of Paradise, Part Two: Cradle to Grave review

Girl Power =D


The conversations between Diana and Dianh was really entertaining, I liked Dianh's carefree personality while Diana is still formal and all. They go into a cage fight with a bunch of supervillians while get info on the whereabouts of Dr. Psycho. There Diana fights a pissed off Goddess Pele whos father was murdered by Diana for his crimes, but was later forgiven. The conclusion was Nemesis handing back the staff (that hippolyta gave to him as a member of the Amazons) to Diana, ending their relationship...though it was a cliffhanger. Too bad that it had to end though.
What I like was the art design and inking, of course the plot and action, and...Black Canary looks dangerous but SEXY with her matrix jacket on. This is one of the sum of Wonder Woman comics I enjoyed, but don't expect to see a great confrontation between Wonder Woman and the Goddess, not much going on their.

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      Part Two of this two part story was much better than the last, but I still seem to be disillusioned by the team of Simone and Lopresti (and have been for the last few issues). For the most part, I enjoyed the conversation between Wonder Woman and Black Canary, who no longer comes off as a bubble head (compared to last issue).   A definite point of interest for the story is Diana’s coming to terms with her current situation after she has rejected her beliefs and heritage of the Amazons.   Both ...

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