hyperion322's Wonder Woman #35 - Birds of Paradise, Part Two: Cradle to Grave review

Lots of Action/Drama Doesn't Always Mean A Lot of Impact


Part Two of this two part story was much better than the last, but I still seem to be disillusioned by the team of Simone and Lopresti (and have been for the last few issues). For the most part, I enjoyed the conversation between Wonder Woman and Black Canary, who no longer comes off as a bubble head (compared to last issue).   A definite point of interest for the story is Diana’s coming to terms with her current situation after she has rejected her beliefs and heritage of the Amazons.   Both heroines manage to accomplish their mission, rescuing Sgt. Steel from the body of Dr. Psycho, but the Amazon’s infamous protagonist seems to lack much of his insane banter and malicious mischief. Perhaps that’s because Simone focuses on a new foe for the former princess, Pele, daughter of the now deceased god, Kane Milohai. Kane was slain by Zeus, which is one of the reasons Diana turned her back on the Gods of Olympus. Soon realizing she’s no match for the Goddess of Fire on the mental plane that they battle, Diana instead comes up with a surprising compromise that’s sure to affect her future.   Unfortunately Lopresti doesn’t capture this epic fight with the right amount of grandeur or flare and it threatens to leave this monumental occasion flat. Even Black Canary looks foolish in her Matrix-style coat while she combats an army of meta-human villains in a caged arena. It could be said the most interesting scene comes at the conclusion, with Diana and Nemesis finally dealing with their fallout from the last big story that hit this book. Unfortunately, the scene cuts short for a dramatic cliffhanger and there appears to be no resolution in nearby sight.  

Posted by Ferdi47

I nearly cried whilst reading this!!

Posted by Hyperion322
@Ferdi47: Cry? Really, why? ~ Hype
Posted by Ferdi47

No, I meant... your summary is great, but I nearly cried while reading the ending of the issue, and actually the entire issue: Diana always thinks about others first, that is so sad! And I hate agent Tresser now!

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