razzatazz's Wonder Woman #35 - Birds of Paradise, Part Two: Cradle to Grave review

Two daughters

As a follow on to the last issue, here we have some more mindless fun.  As we learned last issue Kane's daughter is back and looking for revenge against Diana who she blames for his death.  The issue basically breaks out into a fight between these two on one hand and Dinah and the rest of the meta-brawlers on the other hand.  The issue is well paced and both Diana's and Dinah's resolution to the fighting is completely in character.  Again the fourth wall is kind of broken with references to DC comics collectibles and more comments about fan-favourites.  The only slightly deeper moments were the juxtaposition of the two women fighting each other, both with thoughts of being a daughter on their minds.  Just like the previous issue this is not particularly noteworthy but it is entertaining enough.  

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