razzatazz's Wonder Woman #32 - Rise of the Olympian, Part 7: Compound Fracture review


The penultimate issue to the story arc of the Rise of the Olympian delivers.  It is an issue focused around action, so much so that they have glossed over how it was that Diana found Genocide in the first place to exact her revenge.  There are a lot of really well scripted moments in here, as the plot is linked pretty closely to the the action.  The choice Diana has to make about Tom, and the revelation shortly afterwards are well handled and the creature seems to be the most perfect antithesis (other than perhaps Devastation.)  When Diana got her lasso back I wanted to cheer at the same time as feeling a bit of dread for what it took to get it back to her.  In short this issue has to set the tone for the finale and it does so by making the plot and action match exactly what they need to be.  

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