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This issue contains four stories, all with Paula von Guther as the antagonist, though not always as the enemy.  It is revealed in one of the stories that she is acting as she is because her child has been kidnapped and she is forced to be a spy (she takes her job pretty seriously though.)  I liked the stories here for being golden age, in that they don't compare to modern comics, but they still aren't going off the deep end in terms of plot.  There are a lot of simple things happening - Diana pulling children on sleds with her horse, smashing down a wall to save people from a fire.  

One interesting thing about this issue is that it is one of the main issues that people use to cite the fact that Marston might have had a bondage fetish.  There are certainly some indications here, and while it is impossible to know what lies in the minds of anyone, after reading so much golden age comics I don't think he was.  Marston was a talented psychologist but not a very talented artist and he tended to recycle plotlines.  One of those was bondage, but I think it was more so because a lot of literary fiction at the time had bondage in it (or even earlier stuff like Man in the Iron Mask).  Is it a bondage fetish?  I don't think so but decide for yourself.  

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