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Wonder Woman #3

The third issue of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman run continues being, well, wonderful. Big secrets are discovered here by Diana and it is a big change for the new DCU.

At the start of this book, it feels like some time has passed since the end of issue two. The Amazons are burying their dead after Paradise Island was attacked, and things between Strife and Diana aren't looking so good. Azzarello is writing Wonder Woman just right. She's strong, she's definitely independent, while still being sexy. I'm loving the whole angle of the Greek gods being involved with Wonder Woman, it adds depth and to the characters and definitely makes things more interesting and complicated, as Greek gods tend to do. The story is well told, paced well, and the point where both parts of this story connect spoke volumes without saying anything at all.

No one can draw Wonder Woman like Cliff Chiang. The way he draws her, Diana looks like a warrior. She still is drawn very sexy without having to draw her in poses, and when she's in action, I couldn't ask for anything that looks better. The book looks beautiful over all, with the colors adding so much depth.

This is the first time I'm thoroughly enjoying a Wonder Woman book. Azzarello and Chiang Knocked it out of the park with issue one, and haven't let up since. I'm in sold on this book and I can't wait to see what else the gods have in mind for Diana.

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