razzatazz's Wonder Woman #296 - Mind Games! review

Did they know the name General Electric was already taken?

this is the not very highly anticipated conclusion to the three part story arc involving the mind control video game.  i guess i can't really fault the concept overall of the plot, at the time video games were relatively new and video game addiction (as with many types of addiction) was not well understood.  After everything else this eventually boils down to a mental match between Wonder Woman and the villain here, General Electric.  He has been using the game to telepathically control people's minds.  The support she gets from Steve and Etta is also pretty well handled.  In the end it is a decent enough issue, though 30 years later the message would have seemed grossly oversimplified.  In the backup story Huntress is after some low level drug dealers but it doesn't necessarily lead her where she thinks.  


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