razzatazz's Wonder Woman #289 - His Name is Psycho!; Walls of Stone, Chains of Steel! review

Ectoplasmic Form

It is no secret that I am not a big fan of Steve Trevor.  My reasons behind this are pretty basic - he basically always acts as exactly what the script calls for.  If it requires a timely intervention, he is there.  If on the other hand someone needs to be kidnapped, he is also a perfect candidate.  So the reimagining of Trevor as the perfect receptor for Doctor Psycho's ectoplasmic psychic form was somewhat a departure from the regular depiction of Steve and one which was interesting.  This issue is also bizarre in a sense because it is reintroducing Doctor Psycho to the reader after a long absence from the title.  In doing so a chunk of the issue is dedicated to an updated origin, where the longer running fans wouldn't need one.  Overall this issue is a little bit better than average as a result of all these factors.  In the backup story Huntress continues battling the Crimelord.  

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