razzatazz's Wonder Woman #248 - The Crypt of the Dark Commander review

To the Depths

 This issue serves as the end of a sub-plot which has been running through the previous issues.   Steve Trevor, who has been disguised as Steve Howard has been captured by the military and is being interrogated to determine the location of Steve Trevor.   Previously Trevor had died but was revived by Aphrodite.    Now a major wants to channel this energy to reawaken the dark commander.   There is a decent battle sequence which unfolds with Diana fighting the Dark Commander, but she figures out the easiest way to defeat him will be to sever his link to Trevor’s life force.   Diana is successful but with unexpected side effects.   There was also a backup story featuring ancient tales of the Amazons.   This one was kind of weird as the Amazons are traveling on a floating ship which gets caught in a gigantic spider’s web.   They eventually free themselves and a flying centaur.   This issue was fun enough.   It focused a lot more on action and less on some of the more clichéd plot elements which are frustrating to read in this time period.   Just an average issue, nothing fancy but nothing horrible either.      


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