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Returning from a recent adventure, the Golden Age Wonder Woman spies a trio of German saboteurs, planting a bomb on a freight train in transit. The Golden Age Wonder Woman beats them all into unconsciousness, then throws their explosive into a nearby body of water. Returning to her invisible jet, the Golden Age Wonder Woman ferries two Jewish orphans, Horst and Frieda, to the Wilmont Orphanage. The two children are refused admittance into the Christian run orphanage because they are Jewish. The Golden Age Wonder Woman eventually finds them refuge at The Jerusalem Home. Meanwhile, at the Walter Reed Army Hospital, Doctor Charles McNider, and his superior, are checking up on the injured Major Steve Trevor. McNider becomes concerned when he detects a swollen area on Trevor's arm.

Before he can pursue the matter, Yeoman Diana Prince walks into the room. The two doctors depart, to give Prince and Trevor their privacy. Outside in the corridor, McNider voices his interest in more thoroughly examining Trevor's arm. Unbeknownst to McNider, one of Armageddon's spies has overheard him. In the Pathology Laboratory, McNider discovers that Trevor has been injected with a toxic chemical compound. Suddenly, Armageddon's agent attacks. McNider spins and tackles the man. Reaching into his pocket for a Blackout Bomb, McNider plunges the room into darkness. McNider, under cover of darkness, changes into his Doctor Mid-Nite costume. After beating the man into near unconsciousness, Doctor Mid-Nite interrogates him on the attack.

The next morning, Trevor and Prince attend a secret meeting between the joint chiefs of staff and the President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During the meeting, Trevor is overwhelmed by a wave of nausea. Trevor rushes into the Men's Room, with Prince on his heels. Trevor locks the door behind him. Seconds later, Trevor, now horribly mutated into a creature more brute than man, comes crashing through the door. Trevor's skin has become so dense that he has become bullet-proof. While security frantically tries to keep Trevor at bay, long enough to get the President to safety, Prince takes the time to change into the Golden Age Wonder Woman. Removing her tiara, the Amazon Princess thrusts the sharp end of her headpiece into Trevor's chest. Bellowing in rage and pain, Trevor smashes through a concrete wall to escape.

Doctor Mid-Nite tracks down Armageddon, who has been expecting him. Armageddon informs Doctor MId-Nite that his scheme to transform Trevor into a single-minded killing machine, aimed at the United States Army, has already reached fruition. In the time it takes Doctor Mid-Nite to defeat Armageddon's minions, Armageddon escapes. The United States Army corners Trevor in the Washington Monument. McNider informs the Golden Age Wonder Woman that finding a cure for Trevor's condition is unlikely. The Amazon Princess confronts Trevor before the military forces can marshall their arms against him. Professing her love to Trevor, the Golden Age Wonder Woman is able to reach the mind of the man inside the monster. Suddenly, one of the tanks fires on Trevor. McNider pronounces Trevor dead at the scene.

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