razzatazz's Wonder Woman #227 - My World...in Ashes! review

A fire is born

OK, I have to admit in the previous issue that I was a little slow on the uptake and just took the actress character Julie Gabriel to be a generic Hollywood type, not actually a comparison to Judy Garland as becomes apparent in this issue.  The action continues from the previous issue at times in an almost non sequitur way as it starts with Diana atop the Statue of Liberty battling more of Hephaestus's golden robots.  The rest of the issue though delves into a sort of examination of Hollywood stardom which is usually reserved only for narcissistic movies which regard being a star as the most difficult profession in the world.  The action in the end is good, but it is kind of overwhelmed by this sort of pointless commentary, which I don't believe is at all accurate, nor is it really appropriate for this particular medium.   

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