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The votes have been tallied and the verdict is in. Diana flies through the skies of Themyscira and blares a trumpet so that the Amazons can gather and the decision can be told. With the audience gathering around within in an hour, Hippolyta is standing up in the royal box with Menalippe and Mnemosyne. The crowd settle down and they look up at Hippolyta. She hopes that whoever is disappointed with the tally is not angry in any way, as this has been thought through thoroughly and adds that whatever they go through, they will go through together as sisters. Slowly, she unrolls the scroll and she tells everyone the verdict: to allow Man to explore Paradise Island and make it known to everyone and so, it is a new page in Amazon history.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, a shiny dot flies through space, faster than light and makes its course towards Earth

On Themyscira, Diana is flying looking for Hellene in the woods and finds her standing where Doom’s Doorway used to be, laying flowers. They greet each other, and Hellene presumes that Diana is going back to Man’s World, and Diana replies that she is wearing it to pay tribute to the Amazons who have fallen. Diana explains how she knows that Hellene was very much against this, but there is much to know from Man’s World but Hellene replies that because they let outsiders come onto the island, and through that, they have been violated. Diana says that that was long ago, but Hellene says that Diana wasn’t there, so she could hardly understand what she went through. Hellene had forgiven Hercules for a long time now, but once again, she dreads the day that Man would walk on Paradise Island and she feels that she is not a true Amazon for doing so. Diana tells her that she is smart enough; she is not a mindless zombie who just walks into their own death. Amazons also have the right to fear and express their fears, and Hellene has done very well in doing so.

In New Hampshire in a national park, a backpacker is under a tree, sleeping. Suddenly the air is strong and a strong light blazes into the woods. The backpacker wakes up to see what it is and sees a shadow in front of the light and reveals to be a doppelganger of the hiker!

The last time Vanessa and her friend, Eileen spoke over the phone, Eileen said that Barry is only using Vanessa to get to Wonder Woman, but Vanessa, against Eileen’s wishes is still determined to talk to Barry. He has been avoiding Vanessa for some reason and she wants to know why. They turn a corner and see Barry and Vanessa calls out to him but as she’s getting closer to him, she sees another girl, Lucy Spears with Barry who is new in school and showing her around. Vanessa asks if she can speak with him for a few minutes but he says he is busy and that they can talk later. What else could go wrong? The fact that Barry is off with the new “little Miss Pom Pom” and she has also flunked geometry. Just then, another boy walks by Vanessa and tells her that her mum, Julia is getting friendly with the geometry teacher. Julia and Mr. Westlake talk under a tree and was meaning to talk to Julia about Vanessa’s study habits, but has been very busy lately. He understands that Vanessa is associated with Wonder Woman and asks how Julia has time for herself. She replies that when Wonder Woman is around, they study together and Vanessa’s grades shoot up. This gives Julia time to read, write and knit. Mr. Westlake then asks Julia about her social time and she gets the feeling that it isn’t about Vanessa’s grades anymore. He blushes and apologises but she replies that she is actually flattered. She then asks him if he wants to take her out on a date and he replies with a sheepish “Yes” but before they can continue, Vanessa interrupts and says she is ready to go home. Mr. Westlake says that now is maybe not the best time, and Julia, frustrated, put her hands on her hips and asks if he wants to go out with her or not! He stammers that he does and arranges to meet next Saturday to a nice restaurant. She then asks what his first name is, and he says “Horace”. In the car, Vanessa is watching as she groans.

Meanwhile, in another are of Boston amongst the new rows of townhouses built after Decay’s destruction, one of the houses are empty. Suddenly, one of the rooms, a woman appears out of nowhere "By all of Chronus, I've done it," she says. Whoever has been here is the woman that she searches for. But there is no time for memories, she must find her or everyone is doomed!

On the Boston roads, Julia and Vanessa are stuck in traffic. Does going out with Horace bother Vanessa? She replies that the last thing he needs is for them two to gang up on her, and besides, he’s fat and bald. Julia tells Vanessa that when you get people get older, there is more than just physical appearances and he is actually a very intelligent and caring man. They don’t all look like Barry. Vanessa scolds her mother for mentioning that creep. Julia asks what has happened and if she wants to talk about it, but Vanessa snaps back “Leave me alone!” Julia lectures her for being so rude and although she can understand why she is upset but it is no excuse to be like that. Vanessa apologises and Julia says she has had rotten boyfriends during her age too. Suddenly, they realise that the cars and people around then are disappearing and find Diana lifting up the car.

Meanwhile, a lone figure looks through some binoculars and many memories return as he watches the red, blue and gold costumed Amazon. He then feels a tap on his shoulder by a police officer where a group of tourists report that he had scared them out of the shrine. He ignores the police officer grabs his attention by grabbing his shoulder and as he turns around, his eyes are burning and the tourists run as fast as they can.

At the Kapatelis house, Diana brings the car down near the house and an overjoyed Vanessa leaps into Diana’s arms. Diana apologises if she has frightened them, but she wanted to talk to them as soon as possible. And then, she asks the question: if they would like to come to Themyscira. Julia realises that the cultural exchange went Diana’s way and it is up to her to decide who will set foot on Themyscira first. Vanessa is very excited about this and asks when they will go, and Diana replies this weekend. Vanessa tells her mother that it looks like she will have to cancel her date and she cannot wait to tell Lucy Spears about this. As Vanessa bounces back in the house, Diana asks if this is in anyway inconvenient as she heard something about Mr. Westlake, and Julia replies that it is okay. He will understand about this unique educational opportunity. Diana then launches herself in the air and says that she needs to see someone special at the Hanscom Air Force. At the base, General Hillary’s aide comes in and tells him that Wonder Woman is here to see him. Hillary’s aide greets Wonder Woman with a handshake and she asks where she can find Etta Candy, but he recommends speaking with the General first. She asks the General if he knows where Etta Candy is, but Hillary says that she is on a confidential mission and her whereabouts cannot be revealed. Wonder Woman asks if she will be back by the weekends and Hillary replies that she won’t. Wonder Woman leaves and Hillary’s aide apologises for letting Wonder Woman in as she looked quite determined. Hillary says that Wonder Woman comes from a warrior race who understands the call of duty.

The doppelganger of the hiker watches as the glowing orb flies through the sky and the hiker’s eyes glow for a moment when the orb hits the man with the binoculars. The stranger’s eyes then glow too as the orb continues once again and across the sky, the cloaked woman sees it pass over her and the orb then flies down to her. She runs down the street as it chases her and she leaps over a railing, but the orb is catching up to her. The orb strikes its target and it seems as if they just vaporise, leaving a pile of ash. But behind the tree, it seems as if the cloaked woman has managed to evade it and the orb flies off overhead.

It’s Friday night and Diana tries to get in contact with Steve Trevor. All she has been able to contact was his answering machine. She leaves another message and says that she, Julia and Vanessa will be back next week. Diana puts the phone down and Julia asks if she has been able to contact Steve. Disappointed, Diana shakes her head and Julia tells her that it has been a very short notice. Diana says that it would have been a great honour for him to meet her mother and her Amazon sisters. Julia suggests that maybe she should postpone it, but Diana replies that that is unfair, seeing as she is so excited. Anyway, Steve and Etta can come next time. They step out on the veranda and she says she should return home to help with the preparations. Julia explains how she is very grateful for letting them on Paradise Island and Diana replies how she has been her wise mentor. Julia stares up into the sky and flying through the sky is Diana, who presents peace, love and is majestic and beautiful at the same time. Julia cannot wait for the next day and she too will be allowed to journey through destiny’s door.

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 The Amazons have voted and decided to finally allow outsiders on Paradise Island.   Diana is allowed to choose the first visitors and she chooses Julia, Vanessa and Etta, though Etta is nowhere to be found.   Julia and Vanessa’s private lives are shown as Vanessa’s boyfriend is about to dump her and Julia has gotten a date with one of Vanessa’s teachers.   There are also some mysterious forces at play, but we don’t get to find out what they are yet.   There was not a whole lot going on in this ...

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