razzatazz's Wonder Woman #214 - Truth or Dare Part Two review

Addicted to speed

This is a teamup between Diana and Wally in a two part story arc.  Cheetah and Zoom have teamed up together and are battling the heroes.  The issue starts off with the heroes at a bit of a disadvantage battling both at the same time, and not helped by the fact that the Cheetah has her speed escalated to Flash-like levels.  The battle progresses pretty much in a standard manner until the oldest trick of the superhero team-up story occurs, where the two heroes essentuially just switch enemies.  This actually makes the action sufficiently better as the villains try to capitalize on weaknesses but end up getting beating by their lack of familiarity with the heroes.  A pretty fun issue overall, though not quite up to the standard of some of the otehrs which have preceded it. 

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