razzatazz's Wonder Woman #210 - Stoned Conclusion review

Words are not enough

This is one of those issues for which there are really not enough superlatives.  As opposed to many of the other best Wonder Woman issues this one doesn't focus so much on the moral implications of actions (though there is a little bit of that in here) but is basically just one long drawn out fight sequence.  With the battle between Diana and Medusa being broadcast around the world it provides an added extra angle which makes this such a great issue.  If Medusa wins she will turn everyone to stone who is watching, but conversely those watching provide sort of a running commentary to the fight.  There are also a couple of good twists in the battle.  Really though in the end it is the actions of Diana which once again set her aside as a hero unlike any other.  This issue belongs in the upper reaches of the best written for this character.

Posted by B'Town

Wow, great review. Makes me want to dig through my Boxes and read this, I must have it in there somewhere! :D

And I think this cover is gorgeous. At first glance it may appear a little bland, since the colors are understated but just look at Diana... absolute WARRIOR WOMAN. I love this.

Thanks for the review.

Posted by RazzaTazz
@B'Town: It is a great issue, I had forgotten just how good it was.  
Posted by cosmo111687

'Twas awesome. My favourite Wonder Woman story. Completely solidified my eternal fondness for Greg Rucka.

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