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The oracle Menalippe is sleeping and Apollo takes the chance to talk to her through her dreams and she wakes up startled.

In the Kapatelis family home, Diana, Julia and Vanessa come back from the funeral regarding Myndi’s death and Vanessa seems very depressed about this, and Diana is quite concerned for her and Julia explains that Vanessa had greatly idolised Myndi. Myndi was talented and she could have wanted anything in the world, and Diana hopes that Julia had raised her well enough so that she does not fall into the world of drugs and alcohol. Julia is also worried for Diana, and she asks her how she has been as she didn’t even speak a word on the car ride home. Diana replies that she cannot help feel but responsible for Myndi’s death. If she had not been so blinded by her own celebrity status, then maybe she could have helped Myndi. She says that at the Fair, Silver Swan attacked her, because of her beauty and begins to doubt if she is fulfilling her mission. She has even asked Superman to call her Diana, not Wonder Woman as she feels that Diana is no longer there. She had gone to Greece to learn about her roots and then Circe attacked her. She wonders why the gods didn’t giver her a sign and why did so many have to die? Was it because she failed the gods that badly or is she not the right person for this mission? Julia comforts Diana and as long as she has the powers which the gods gave her, the gods will always be with her. She says that it was okay to get caught up in the “Wonder Woman” thing as she is only human. Diana wishes that the gods would give her a sign.

Just then, there is tapping on the door, and Julia opens the door. A dove then files onto Diana’s lap and Vanessa comes out of her room to see what’s happening. Diana tells them that she is needed back home. Vanessa then rushes over to Diana, telling her not to go. Diana says there is nothing to fear, and she will return as soon as possible. Half an hour later, the three stand by the shore of a lake and Diana lifts herself into the air and then Vanessa asks Diana to say “hi” to her mother for her. As Julia and Vanessa watch her become a dot in the sky, Vanessa starts crying and Julia comforts her. Vanessa does not want to lose Diana as well and Julia asks “Like Myndi?” and Vanessa nods her head. They go back in the house, talking about the events that have happened in the past few days.

Aphrodite and Hermes watch Diana fly through the void that separates them from Man’s World. Hermes comments on Diana’s faith, saying that she still heeds to the call of the gods even though they have placed a lot of evil things upon her and Aphrodite says that her faith is strong. Hermes replies that she does not know the gods like he does and that her blind faith has almost killed her. Aphrodite asks him to join the other gods, but he says that they can wait. Hercules then appears as summoned by Hermes and he asks Hermes what he wants from him. Hermes tells Hercules that he needs to talk and tells Aphrodite that he will join the gods soon. However, Aphrodite tells him that she knows about the fire in his eyes whenever he gazes upon Diana… and that she knows that gaze all too well! She then disappears, leaving the two men to talk.

In Themyscira, Hippolyta and Penelope wait for Diana’s arrival and the queen notes that Penelope looks nervous. She replies that Menalippe has never looked so excited from sleep. Just then, Diana appears from the horizon and embraces her two sisters. Penelope asks if she has brought the Prayer Robe, and Diana nods, but is confused in why she had to bring it. Hippolyta tells her that all will be revealed once they join the Amazons at the temple.

Inside the temple, all the Amazons are in there as Diana, Hippolyta and Menalippe are on the altar. She tells them that this day will be remembered as the gods have honoured greatly and by the request of Apollo, Hippolyta and Diana have joined us. The three of them have been asked to appear in front of the gods on Mount Olympus and Menalippe asks her sisters to join them in prayer so that they can prepare for this meeting. The temple is then filled with echoes of chants and then lightning starts to form in the skies and the Amazons are in meditation. Then, a strike of thunder hits the altar and the three disappear. They appear up on Mount Olympus, but are shocked to find that there is rubble everywhere, indicating that some disastrous has happened to the gods’ home. This surely must be a mistake! Hippolyta asks Diana if this is really Mount Olympus, and Diana says it is, yet the rubble shows the severity of Darkseid’s attacks. Menalippe begins to weep and Diana tells her not to lose faith. It was Menalippe who taught her that faith is not just visual; sometimes one must close their eyes to see the light. They all have experienced such wavering. As Julia said before, they are only human. Suddenly the sky is filled with white light and all the gods appear before them. Diana asks them what happened to Olympus and Hera replies that Darkseid has cut deep, and that some scars may never heal. But because of Olympus’ state, they feel they are ready for cosmic migration. They explain to the Amazons, even the ones down below that they have been chosen to assist in bringing about new order. The Amazons are puzzled by this and asks what this means. Hermes steps forward and tells Diana that it should be obvious to her as she too has felt abandonment from the gods. Zeus tells Hermes to keep quiet and that a decision has been made. Hermes tells them to speak the truth, with no cryptic messages, as they have served the gods for so long and in return the Amazons given destruction. Hercules then snaps at Hermes, telling him to stop scaring the Amazons. Hermes replies that perhaps the “brawny” one would like to explain how he plans to betray Hippolyta again. Hercules advances on Hermes, but Athena tells them to stop at once. Athena agrees with Hermes saying how they can continue to a better place when they ignored the people who have brought them here. Menalippe assures them that their faith is strong. Hippolyta agrees, saying that their decision will benefit them in the future. Hermes asks Diana what she thinks and reminds her that these are the gods who left her to deal with Circe alone. Hades says that it is Hermes who has done injustice to Diana, and Poseidon adds that the gods were sure that Diana would defeat Circe on her own. Diana then realises that it was Hermes who transported Circe away during the last minute of their battle.

Athena explains to Diana that going to Man’s World surely must have taught her that there was a fine line between the differences of Man and the Deity. The gods can become quite human-like sometimes, and she asks Diana to forgive them as they were too busy arguing amongst themselves and could not warn her about Circe. When Diana did find out about Circe, they chose not to help, but it was decision that wasn’t meant to be taken lightly. Hippolyta, angry, steps forward and asks why they did not help her daughter. Athena explains that the cosmic migration is the only thing that matters right now, and until a new order is established, no contact between the human and gods can happen. Diana then asks why they have been summoned here. Hermes replies that they need to destroy the mountain they once saved and they want the Amazons to help in their desertion of the worshippers. They choose the queen to decide, but she replies that it is not her choice, but their choice. Through Apollo’s orb, hundreds of Amazon faces look up and Hippolyta calls for their vote. Their bracelets clink together and Hippolyta turns to the gods say that the Amazons will always stand by them. Hippolyta then asks Hercules what is going to happen and he explains that he can still have faith in the gods and ironically, Hippolyta says that they are praying for the death of the mountain. Hercules replies that the mountain is dying, and it will only do them good if it was destroyed, once and for all. Once they have found a new Olympus, the gods will return. Despite Hermes accusations, Hercules tells her that he would never betray her again and would rather have his eyes plucked. Hippolyta then asks where Diana is and Hercules tells her that she is with Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and that Diana is the key to all this.

Meanwhile, in the centre of the mountain, Zeus explains how her bracelets came about. They are taken from the remains of the Aegis shield which was formed from the great hide of a goat called Amaltheia who had taken care of Zeus when he was an infant and provided enough energy for Olympus to exist and only two people were to ever hold the shield, and one of them was his father, Chronus. When Zeus defeated his father, he gave it to his daughter Athena and she had Hephaestus re-forge it into a prize to be awarded to the mightiest of the Amazons. The Amazons below are chanting their prayers and the gods can feel electricity surging through and with the gods combined energy, Diana will have to block it with her bracelets. When she does deflect it, it will make contact with Amaltheia's legacy and it will create a bolt that must be directed to the three Gods’ crossed sceptres. With the chorus of prayer, a flame begins to create itself and through the cracks of the mountain as it heads directly for her and with her bracelets, she deflects it towards the three sceptres. It strikes, and the force is amplified. Diana strains as her skin begins to crack and blister. Finally, the mountain succumbs and Mount Olympus explodes with a blinding white light. The smoke clears and the three Amazons find themselves back in Themyscira and Menalippe cries out she can no longer feel the gods presence. Hippolyta says that from this day on, it is not their turn to determine their fate and tomorrow shall be the day to decide whether Man should set on Paradise Island.

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 Issues such as this one are a strange example of the Perez era.   So much of which he wrote helped to firmly establish the character in the present, but he among other themes which he explored, religion and faith is one of them.   Diana and Hippolyta have been summoned to Mount Olympus to partake in a ritual which will destroy it so that it can be built anew.   The Amazons are needed for two reasons.   First of all, they are pretty much all that’s left of those who follow the Greek Gods.   Seco...

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