razzatazz's Wonder Woman #209 - Stoned Part 4 review


The action here never really stopped from the previous issue, although there is a brief intermission to get some input from the gods.  The battle between Medusa and Wonder Woman has shifted from the White House to the Themysciran Embassy with some unforeseen results.  it was fun to see Ferdinand raise to the challenge of an invader to the embassy, as so far he has been portrayed as only a chef (though presumably there was some fighting ability in him.)  Still as usual the fighting breaks down basically into what fans of the series love, a battle between Diana and Medusa.  Of course being in the embassy makes this somewhat personal, and things do get very personal when one falls victim to the Medusa's gaze.  A good issue but not as good as the lead-in to this fight, but conversely also a good lead-in to the finale of the story arc.  

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Posted by cosmo111687

I love Ferdinand. He's such a great, little forgotten character.

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