razzatazz's Wonder Woman #201 - The Fist of Flame review

Fight over the flames

This is the first of a two part story arc, and unlike many others the first issue really shines here while the second is just so-so.   The story basically follows Diana trying to find Johnny Double but only assassins can be found in his office.  She finds a note which prompts her to sell her boutique and venture to in search of the Fist of Flame.  She is eventually caught and forced to fight above a raging fire the thief that has been following her, Catwoman.  I thought this was pretty cool, probably the two most iconic female characters in the DC universe fighting each other above a fire pit.  

Overall the issue was a bit far fetched – for instance Diana seemed really quick to sell her boutique without maybe looking around New York City a bit longer in case the note was a ruse.  Still the issue gets a pretty good rating only for the fight between the two main characters.   


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